[Best of] Failed Launch? Here’s What You Can Do to Save Your Launch and Improve the Next One

December 20, 2022

Are you building your online business using launches to sell your programs? Then sooner or later, this will happen to you: A launch just doesn’t go your way.

You might have launched successfully before, or maybe you’re just starting out. But that launch you carefully prepared and planned? It’s just not taking off.

I’ve been there, and in this episode, I share all my tips on what you can do to save your launch, and how you can improve your next launch.

Whether you’re in the middle of a launch right now, or preparing for the next one, or just had a failed launch — this episode is for you.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

My first real launch – and what I did to turn it around (1:54)
Creating a hot list and how to reach out to people (7:04)
Shifting your messaging in the middle of a launch (13:28)
Typical reasons for people not to buy and how to tackle them (16:12)
Sharing success stories (18:59)
Interview and tag people who already bought (23:20)
Introduce bonuses (25:53)
Offering discovery calls (31:40)
The key points to saving your launch, and how to make it better next time (35:40)

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5 Ways to Save Your Launch

Are you in the middle of a launch and it’s just not going as planned? Don’t panic — there are ways you can save your launch. Trust me, I’ve done it. Having launched for several years, I’ve learned many valuable lessons, and here, I’m sharing 5 selected strategies on how you can turn around your launch (and improve your next one!).

If you want to dive deeper and hear ALL my tips and strategies on saving your launch, listen to the podcast episode here.

Talk to people

This is something you ideally do before you go into a launch: Ask people what they want. Survey your audience. What is their biggest challenge? Once you know, you understand how to speak to them and which products to create.

If you’re in a launch and you don’t know what’s going on in your ideal client’s head, figure it out as soon as possible. Reach out and talk to them — via email, Instagram, Messenger, whatever fits you and your audience. Your number one priority should be to understand what’s holding them back.

Let your bonuses answer objections

Get clear on the objections of your ideal client and then introduce bonuses in the middle of your launch that address these objections. Objections are opportunities for you to create bonuses that offer your audience help with what keeps them from joining your program.

Let past and current clients share their success stories

Ideally, have a database ready with success stories of your clients you can share during the launch. Make sure to include stories of people with different backgrounds. They will resonate with a broader spectrum of people.

You can also ask your existing clients to share their experience live in your launch Facebook group. Past or existing clients can be really helpful in your launch — when they share their experience, people who are interested in buying your program see what’s possible for them, too.

Ask people who just joined to share why they joined

If a lot of people haven’t made up their mind yet and they don’t see any action in your group, they might assume no one is buying. Do live interviews with people who just joined your program and ask them why they joined. If you let people share why they bought and what made them sign up, it helps others make the decision.

Celebrate new clients by tagging them on a welcome post. Showing that people are joining your program boosts conversion.

Offer discovery calls

Discovery calls aren’t free breakthrough sessions. They’re for people who are still on the fence and need confirmation that this is the right program for them. It’s not about pressuring them, it’s about assessing if they’re a good fit. Introduce these calls towards the end of open cart to give people who are interested a chance to ask their questions and answer their doubts.

There are many ways you can save a launch that isn’t going your way. For more tips, listen to the episode below.

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