[Best of] How to Start and Scale Your Online Business without Overwhelm and Excuses

December 20, 2022

Are you on the fence about starting your online business? Even if you know you need to?

Online is here to stay – we all know it. Having an online business is more important than ever in times when everything is uncertain and another lockdown could happen at any moment.

I hear many women who want to go online, yet they feel overwhelmed and come up with excuses. Starting and scaling an online business can seem scary. But if you have the right process and are willing to take action, you’ve already gone half the way.

My business has grown over 30% compared to the same period last year, and in this episode of the Sigrun Show, I will break down how easy it is to get started and scale your online business without getting overwhelmed.

If you know that online is the way to go but you’re stuck, overthinking or are scared of taking the next step, this episode is for you.

“People don’t really take action on their own.”- Sigrun

What you will get out of this episode:

My frustration about people who don’t take action (2:40)
Only giving tiny bits of information (5:35)
How I came up with a new challenge to help people get unstuck (7:13)
Creating accountability and commitment (9:53)
Eliminating doubts and trusting the process (13:21)
Why it’s important to celebrate success (14:05)

Want to dive deeper? If you’re just getting started, find out if you can start a business without a business idea or how to stop overthinking and start doing today.

Start and Scale Your Online Business: Finding the Right Process

We will not go back to the way things were before. Online is here to stay – and having an online business has become more important than ever before.

Most business owners understand the importance of being able to go 100% online. What if a second wave hits us? What if there is another lockdown? But what is the easiest way to get started and scale your online business without getting stuck, procrastinating, overcoming perfectionism?

Over the years I have come up with a process I apply in my 8 and 10 week challenges that helps my clients get out of their overwhelm and makes them take action. Here, I’m revealing the key components of this process to you:

Tiny bits of information
When people see all the possibilities, when they start to worry about freebies, landing pages, email lists, websites, their social media presence, launches – they quickly give up because it overwhelms them. Of course these are things you need to do when creating and scaling your online business, but you don’t necessarily have to do them today, or tomorrow, or even this week. For my challenge, I came up with 26 tiny steps to follow, and suddenly, everyone could do it, even the ones who were the most scared. The overwhelm was gone.

I encourage my clients to fill out a form on a regular basis throughout the program. That’s how I get them to commit to the process. It also creates a sense of responsibility. A lot of people buy courses and never finish them. By filling out forms, they are committing to do the work. And when someone has doubts, people in the community surround them with inspiration and motivation, and the positive group pressure keeps them going.

Trust the process
When you decide to start and scale your online business, you have to find a process and stick with it. When you start to doubt this process, you won’t keep up and get stuck, and eventually give up. That’s why everyday, I tell my clients to just trust the process.

Celebrate success
It’s so important to celebrate success. After 10 weeks, I do a celebration call where I highlight all the wins of my clients, and they can share what went well for them and what they want to improve. Celebrating success makes them see their progress and inspires them to go even further.

With this process, I’ve helped hundreds of women get unstuck. They stopped being overwhelmed, using excuses and got their work done.

If you want to start your online business, I encourage you to find a way to be a part of such a process. Because even though I’m very self-motivated myself, I wish I had found a process like this to guide me when I was starting out in my business.

Are you ready to start and scale your own online business? Let me know if this episode inspired you to take action. You can follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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