How to Effectively Build Your Confidence with Lisa Hyde

October 14, 2020

How to Effectively Build Your Confidence with Lisa Hyde
I want you to be honest – have you ever NOT done something because you felt you’re not good enough or because you were doubting your abilities? So many people, especially women, get stuck because they lack the self-confidence to go after their dreams. 
Lisa Hyde, my guest this week on the Sigrun Show, has made it her mission to help such women get unstuck. 
Lisa grew up in LA. Half her family was in the entertainment business and she soon realised that she loved helping people develop their talents. She became a talent agent and worked together with unknown actors, writers and comedians to turn them into household names. One of her clients was Jimmy Fallon. The chaos, the craziness – she loved everything about the world she was working in, until her mother fell ill. 
Lisa gave up her career and became her caretaker. She went on a journey to re-evaluate her life and understand what truly makes her happy. But as she was starting to get back up again, she lost her grandmother. Along with the two most important people in her life, she felt as if she had lost her passion and vision. 

Empowering Women to Build their Confidence

When a random person on LinkedIn contacted her and invited her to join a network marketing business, she was very sceptical but decided to give it a shot. The business was about skin care products and Lisa quickly learned everything about it. But while she was focusing on growing her business, she also wondered why she could always get back up and keep going while other people remained blocked. 
She started doing research and realised that there is a common denominator why people tend to get stuck: They lack confidence. 
Today, Lisa is the host of The Confidence Crown Podcast, published a guide to self-confidence, works with Tony Robbins and coaches women all over the world to get unstuck. Her vision has become very clear: Empower women and help build their businesses and confidence. 
This week on The Sigrun Show, Lisa shares her inspiring story and talks about confidence and the part it plays in realising your dreams. 
Are you ready for a confidence-boost? Then don’t miss out on this episode!
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • From Hollywood talent coach to caretaker (7:06)
  • Lisa’s turning point (8:57) 
  • Why especially women lack confidence (13:06)
  • The importance of role models (17:51) 
  • What to do when you feel stuck (19:23)
  • Confidence and the part it plays in realising your dream (23:29)
  • Why you need to be willing to get several No’s before you get a Yes (27:19)
  • Working with Tony Robbins (29:26)
  • Lisa’s new project (38:48)

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Confidence plays a big role when you’re an entrepreneur. Find out how you can raise your prices with confidence or how to achieve business success by daring to take imperfect action.  

5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Build Your Confidence

If you’re feeling stuck and lacking confidence, there are exercises and ways you can rewire your brain that can help you get out of this state. Building your confidence needs time and practice. Here are some of Lisa’s tips on how you can get started: 

Step 1

First, acknowledge what’s happening and try to figure out where you’re feeling stuck. What feelings are bubbling up when you want to try something new and you feel resistance? 

Step 2

Think about the things that bring you joy and excitement. What did you want to do when you were a child? Why did you stop pursuing your dream? Often, there is a pivotal moment in which someone important in your life told you that you can’t do something because it wouldn’t pay the bills, or because it isn’t the right path. But to get unstuck and achieve your dreams, you need to remember what made you get up in the morning and be excited. You need to remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Step 3

Start journaling and write down what you’re grateful for. There are things you’re capable of doing every single day that are successes, no matter how small. 

Step 4

Plan your day in advance before you look at your phone or answer an email. Pick three items you want to accomplish each day. Write them down the night before or the moment you wake up. Once you’ve done these three things, you can be interrupted by other things, but by accomplishing the items you set out to do, you’re already winning the day. 

Step 5

Give yourself some grace. Pat yourself on the back for getting it done. Look after yourself, exercise and get enough sleep. 
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