How to Amplify Your Impact Through Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples

September 29, 2021

81% of podcast listeners investigate the host’s products or recommendations with intent to purchase. That’s more influential than any other medium has ever been!

On top of that, podcasting is still an untapped arena. There aren’t as many people podcasting as there are on other channels. Which means there is less much competition. Right now, there are 2.5 million live podcasts worldwide. And, only around 800,000 of those are consistently contributed to and are of good quality. This in comparison with the 37 million YouTube channels is HUGE!

In this episode podcast queen Anna Parker-Naples and I talk about all things podcasting. She shares her tips and tricks to help you increase your impact, get visible within your niche, amplify your message, and generate more quality leads.

Anna also tells us her inspirational story of how she picked herself up from rock bottom and made the conscious choice to be successful.

In this Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The TWO women in red (2:19)
  • Anna’s story (4:56)
  • Her introduction to audio work (8:47)
  • How to podcast properly (11:00)
  • Changing your thoughts can change your life (13:00)
  • Paralympic superheroes as Anna’s inspiration (18:00)
  • How YOU can amplify your impact through podcasting (20:00)
  • Why is a podcast more powerful than any other medium? (22:00)
  • Podcasts help to build trust with your audience (25:00)
  • Tips and tricks for amplifying your podcast (30:00)
  • Find Anna on her podcast: Entrepreneurs get Visible (35:39)

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