Use Neuroscience to Reprogram Your Brain and Break Through Your Blocks with Jill McAbe

September 1, 2021

Jill McAbe is a bestselling author, teacher and coach in the fields of business success, finding one’s purpose, and the science of high performance and change.
In this episode, Jill shares how she became interested in goals and what we need to do to reach them. She explains what hot goals are and how neuroscience helps us to understand these subconscious goals.
Jill is particularly interested in how people in their 50s and 60s can reprogram their brains to have more meaningful lives and live with purpose. We talk about the relatively easy things that we can do to make this happen.
We also discuss what she included in her book – It’s Go Time: Build the Business and Life You Really Want – to help entrepreneurs succeed and reach goals they may have felt were previously unachievable.

In this episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Jill got interested in goals (2:55)
  • Her ability to help organizations set goals but realizing she wasn’t achieving her own goals (3:58)
  • How her search for credibility led her to working with one of the top neuroscientists (6:00)
  • What hot goals are and how the amygdala has been misunderstood (6:58)
  • How the amygdala is the action centre of the brain (7:18)
  • Jill’s ‘stop the bus’ moment when it comes to the subconscious (7:50)
  • How the conscious and subconscious parts of our brain have two different languages and how to get them working together (9:02)
  • What she love about working with people in their 50s and 60s (10:20)
  • How being jealous of someone else’s business success could be keeping you from reaching your goals and what to do instead (19:09)
  • Why emotional experiences are more acute when we’re younger and how we may have internalized hot goals from our childhood (22:22)
  • How to use repetition of things you see and feel to speak to the brain in as many ways as possible (27:27)
  • The approaches in Jill’s book that help people develop scalable businesses based on their expertise (31:35)

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