Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth with Dr. Laura Penn

August 18, 2021

You’re an expert in your field. You know your stuff. But when it comes to speaking up, you suddenly doubt yourself. You constantly wonder: Am I good enough? 
According to Dr. Laura Penn, the founder of The Leadership Speaking School, a lot of women struggle with this when they’re about to do something bold or courageous. 
Laura specialises in transforming leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers into speakers who are authentic, accessible, and memorable. In this episode of The Sigrun Show, she shares why women tend to not speak up and how these doubts form in our heads. 
Do you want to discover how you can find the courage to speak your truth? Then don’t miss out on Laura’s valuable tips and insights. 

What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Laura ended up helping entrepreneurs and leaders to speak in front of audiences (2:54)
  • What made Laura start her own academy (6:00) 
  • Why women tend to not speak up (9:40) 
  • How to find the courage to speak your truth (12:08)
  • The opportunities you can create for yourself (13:43)
  • How to love yourself despite your flaws (15:09)
  • How long it takes to develop your courage (18:13) 
  • Laura’s programs and how she works with her clients (22:10)


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