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December 10, 2018

#273: Planning Your Best Year Ever as a CEO with Racheal Baxter Cook

James Wedmore is a video marketing strategy expert, author, coach, and podcaster who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the last 8 years learn how to leverage the power of video marketing and YouTube to grow their businesses through his online courses and programs. In 2016, he shifted his focus after discovering a massive gap […]


September 17, 2017

#56: How Your Mind Influences Your Business with James Wedmore

One of the goals of being an entrepreneur is to earn money. While setbacks and challenges are inevitable, it is important to know your money mindset because you may be impacting your business and sabotaging your own success because of limiting beliefs that have been ingrained in your mind. In this episode, I share how […]


September 10, 2017

#49: How I Found My Money Mindset Story and Created a New One

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