10 Reasons NOT To Go to Iceland On A Business Retreat

March 24, 2016

Thinking of going to Iceland?
Thinking of going on a business retreat in Iceland?
Maybe you are thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t go.
So I’ve made this list for you so that you can decide for yourself.
Why NOT go to Iceland…

  1. Iceland is so far away
    It is true that Iceland is an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean but it is not as far away as you might think. Actually Iceland is only 2.5 hrs from London, 4 hrs from Zurich and 5 hrs from Boston – in an airplane of course. If you choose to travel by ship then it might take you a little while to get there. With 30 airlines flying to and from Iceland this year you have ample of options for your route.
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  2. Iceland is full of ice and snow
    With a name like that, it is no wonder you might think Iceland is icy and snowy. That was exactly what the vikings wanted you to think. They named Greenland “Greenland” and Iceland “Iceland” to confuse other vikings and to keep people away from Iceland. The opposite is actually true. Iceland is very green and Greenland is very icy. It is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, look it up. Maybe that’s something you can use too?
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  3. Iceland is cold
    Based on Iceland’s location the weather should be cold but due to a phenomenon called the Gulf Stream it isn’t. The Gulf Stream is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. This is the reason why it doesn’t get really cold in Iceland but I do admit it doesn’t get really warm either. The temperature is just right for a business retreat.
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  4. Iceland is not a good place for female entrepreneurs
    Recently the Economist had to add Iceland to it’s index because Iceland is the best country in the world to be a working woman. Not only is Iceland the best country to be a woman, mother, and child, but Iceland also ranks nr. 7 on the top ten list of over best countries for female entrepreneurs. The power of gender equality and entrepreneurship can’t help but rub off onto you during your time in Iceland.
    Sunset in Reykjavík
  5. Iceland isn’t that different from other European countries
    You may be right when it comes to the Icelandic culture as Icelanders are descendants of Norwegian vikings and Scottish women but when it comes to the Icelandic landscape it is other-worldly. There isn’t a place on earth where you can see geysers, waterfalls, lava, glaciers, moos and ice, all in one day. No wonder that Iceland is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, so you better hurry before it gets too popular…
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Why NOT go on a business retreat…

  1. You are not looking to grow your business
    This business retreat is all about business growth. You are going to fly back home with a step by step plan on how to grow your business – faster than ever before. It is Your Best Year Yet – my most popular business planning workshop – on steroids.In 5 days you conquer your current business challenges and also build a solid growth plan for your business.2009-07-06 15-06-03 SG
  2. You don’t like spending time with like-minded entrepreneurs
    A retreat is not nothing for lone-wolves. It’s an opportunity meet new people, to mastermind as a group, share experiences, ask questions, get feedback, discuss scenarios and find solutions. Throughout 5 days you’ll make new friends who understand you better than anybody else you know. Your new mastermind friends will be are there for you, long after the retreat. Who knows, maybe your lifelong business friend is waiting for you in Iceland.
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  3. You don’t want any new ideas for your business
    That’s the thing with retreats, they tend to give you new ideas for your business. By stepping out of your daily routine you have time to reflect and suddenly, you get all these ideas for your business. Then you discuss your new ideas with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and your ideas multiply. Over the course of 5 days you’ll figure out which of these ideas are worth pursuing and you have time to plan them out so you can actually execute them when you get back.
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  4. You don’t believe in taking a break from your business
    It is hard to take a break when you feel like your business needs you every day. The question is then how can you work smarter instead of harder. Taking a break actually makes your more productive. Daily outdoor activities during the retreat are meant to fuel your mind, help you relax, recharge and reflect. Some people call that holiday, I call that business because you are thinking about business all the time – just in a different way. The best way to have a business breakthrough is not to work hard on achieving one but to let it happen by stepping out your own environment.Sunset in Dalvík
  5. You are looking for a quick fix in your business
    There are no shortcuts, there is no overnight success or a “get-rich-quick” methods. During the retreat you will build a solid and realistic plan for your business growth. In the end you still got to do the work when you get back home. That is the magic formula; get new ideas, evaluate them, decide which ones to execute, plan it all out and then be ready to do the work. This is when “overnight success” happens.
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Not convinced and still want to go to Iceland on a business retreat?
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