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"Kickstart is one of the best investments I made in my life. Kickstart gives you what it promises:
A kick!"

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"I am really proud that I now have an inspiring new course and that so many women love to work with me."

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Before you know it, your course is there, and you can know that you did it yourself. You're the boss.

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"SOMBA Kickstart was the best decision to start 2021 with my newly founded online business!"

Dagmar Redweik

Ingrid is a mom of 3 who went from having no email list and no money to doing a $39K launch, to making 6-figures in her first year and bringing in $400K in 2021.

When Ingrid signed up for Kickstart, she had no email list and no money.

She decided, against our recommendation of not going into debt, still to invest into the program. Over the span of 10 weeks she learned how to build her email list and immediately grew it to 500 subscribers. She learned how to sell online which she had never done before. 

She created her first online course in Kickstart and I could barely believe it when I heard she had sold 87 spots! Her course was only $100 but that’s $8700 in 10 weeks. She made her investment back three times!

Ingrid kept going and used what she learned in Kickstart to launch again - this time she made $30K! Her business reached 6 figures within a year and an incredible $400K in 2021, which completely changed Ingrid’s life and the lives of her husband and three young children.

“I had a $30K launch. I made so much money that I was able to cancel my 1:1s for the rest of the year. Putting an offer out there for this price was way out of my comfort zone, but Sigrun’s program helped me to be confident enough to take the step. 

What I like most about it all is that it’s so much fun. Sigrun provides a clear path and process that works and at the same time leaves enough room for me to experiment with my own ideas. She made me see that I don’t have to have so many different offers, but that I benefit much more from strategically choosing where to invest my energy in and offer the right thing.”

Ingrid says...

Ingrid Dach

Launch Copywriter, Czech Republic

"After 10 weeks in Kickstart, I had 9 participants in my course and sold a six-month 1-on-1 package. I received amazing testimonials, and made $10K."

"As a musician, I have a creative mind, but I'm not very structured. Kickstart gave me the organisation and structure I needed. The community was amazing, and I had a wonderful buddy."



"The ten weeks in Kickstart were life-changing. I learned to believe that anything is possible. I still can’t believe that all of this happened in just 10 weeks."

"160 people signed up for my course. When I offered my upsell, the selling part was hard for me, but Sigrun supported and encouraged us. 55 people ended up buying, and I had a 33% conversion rate. When I went over my sales in the end, I had made over $20K."


"More than 200 people signed up for my course, I received love-letters and wonderful testimonials."

"Something changed in my mind. Even though I had been successful before, I still had this fear of not making enough money. My participants even started to promote my course to friends and colleagues while it was still running. When I did my upsell, I had a conversion rate of 10% and made $25K."


Sucess Stories

After years of suffering with chronic health issues, and with little to no help available, Hildur created her own path to recovery. And with her return to energy and vitality, people wanted to know how she did it!

With demand building, Hildur knew she wanted to create a course to share her recovery program with her audience. And Kickstart offered the perfect way for her to do this. Her first course was so well received, people immediately asked when the next one would be. 

After that, there was no stopping her!

“When I signed up to Kickstart, I knew something amazing would come out of it. I just felt it was something I had to do. And of course, it is the groundwork for everything I'm doing today and for the future. Now, between both businesses my husband and I are close to seven figures, starting from zero in 2018.”

Hildur says...

Thanks to the skills she learned with us, Hildur was able to help her husband take his business online when the pandemic hit. They now have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and have built their dream house.

And if this is possible for Hildur, it’s possible for you too!

Hildur went from concept to online course creator in a matter of weeks, going from zero to a nearly 7-figure business and building the life of her dreams.

Hildur Jonsdottir

Hildur's Health Mastery, Iceland

"I had signed up with Sigrun to develop my business coaching. Instead, I found happiness and my true calling."

"I’ve tried more expensive programs, and this is the best program I know. The support, the step-by-step process, and the profound concentration on one thing is very powerful. If you’re done with listening to lectures on how you can build an online business and actually want results, Sigrun’s approach is the only way to go."


"I now have a group coaching course with 7 women and I’m so happy to work with them and improve their skills in nutrition. Starting at zero, I made nearly €7K."

" I hoped for this to happen, but it still felt amazing when it did. I love that I can do this whenever I like, and that I can work from home. But most important of all: I found my business idea. I got clear on how I can turn my passion into a business."


"When I ran the free course I created in Kickstart, I received great testimonials and feedback. I managed to make $10’300 from 8 upsells and 2 people buying my program."

"We have this idea that we can do everything on our own, but sometimes we just need help. I did other programs and loved them, but what I didn’t find anywhere else was this push Sigrun gives you. Kickstart is all about doing. If this is what you’re looking for – getting things done and taking action – join Kickstart."


"I created an online course in 4 weeks that I can launch and launch again. People loved my course and I received great feedback."

Mila Rivault

I have learned how to define and understand my ideal client, and how to launch a course progressively without being completely overwhelmed. At the end of the program I didn’t just learn how to create an online course, I really learned how to sell online,  l earned over $20K. 

"SOMBA Kickstart is a group coaching program that turns your online course dreams into reality. I’m a fan and highly recommend it!"

Katharina Engelhardt

If you want to start your online business with a clear plan without losing time and money, this is the course to go. Your transformation will happen! Kickstart helps you get out of the tools trap. If you want to start in the digital world, this is the place to be, AND I made the money for the fee back easily.

"SOMBA Kickstart helps you to get your business going. I learned a lot about online marketing and creating an online course."

Heike Reinhart

You will love the community! It helps you to reflect and gives you support. It’s so much better to work with a buddy and be able to share and also to ask for help. Kickstart is just great because it’s a well structured program which literally gives you a kickstart for your online presence or business."

"220 women signed up and left fantastic testimonials. It was the biggest boost I’ve received in my whole life."

"My upsell was a group-coaching program and my goal was to get 12 people to sign up – my dream number however was 20, and I ended up with exactly 20 paying participants, making $23K. Right now, I want to give my all to the 21 women in my program."


"SOMBA is not just some other online Business Course - it is the moment you finally get started."

"If you're tired of trying course after course and finally want to move forward in your Online Business, then THIS IS IT! You'll finally take action and get your business to the next level!"

Lea Udry

"The course confirmed that I was on exactly the right track! SOMBA Kickstart is perfect if you finally want to get started."

"You learn that you can achieve your goals in a short time and that there are people who are interested in what you can offer. It’s the perfect program to learn to create an online course, to use networks, to sell and to advertise in a short time Thank you! I will do SOMBA Kickstart again!"

Eva Macarie

"When my free course finished, I offered 1:1 sessions as an upsell where clients would focus on applying what they had learned in the course. All sales combined, I made $10K."

"One mistake I always make is wanting to do everything at once, but during the 10-week Kickstart process, I learned to take things step by step. I want to thank Sigrun and her team for all the support. Sigrun’s sometimes tough but clear advice was what truly helped me, and what often put a smile on my face."

Christa Uehlinger

"I've learned to follow my dream and create my own path. Among many other things, this is the most valuable lesson for me."

"I enrolled in SOMBA Kickstart to establish my business and get my online course going, and it has done some crucial changes for my mindset and business. Kickstart is a really great program for all who want to give their business a boost, learn about possibilities, replace limiting beliefs, and so much more. The more you are active and follow the modules, the better your results will be."

Brigita Ložar

"I can 100% recommend it to you. I have done other programs before but never got these results. Jump in and give it a try. You will not regret it.​ Be prepared for a wild ride."

"You should be willing to put in the work, but it never gets totally overwhelming. The steps are simple, and the instructions easy. This program is really well thought through. There is a logic behind it that you might not understand at first, but you just need to trust the process."

Iris Wangermann

Claudia is a nutritionist and expert in traditional Chinese medicine. She ran her own cooking studio teaching her students about healthy eating, which she enjoyed but her expenses were sky high. After 9 years of sacrificing 90% of her income to overheads, and completely exhausted from work, Claudia knew she needed to make a change. 

So she sold her cooking studio and began working with Sigrun.

Over the next two years, Claudia got clear on her vision and came out of her comfort zone. She opened the doors to her own academy for integrative nutrition and sold out her signature program. 

“Sigrun helped me understand that with my expertise, I could change my audience from individuals to professionals and increase my prices in the process. Before, my highest priced product was €420. Now, I’m selling an 8-month program for €4800. I always dreamt of achieving this, but I didn’t know how, and I used to believe I couldn’t make it happen. Now, I know it’s possible, and that I can do more.”

Claudia says...

Between 2019 and 2020, Claudia went from €100K to €500K. Her goal for next launch is 200 students in her course, which would be a €1M launch. And she’s well on the way!

Claudia is such an inspiration to us all. 

She has created a multiple six figure business and moved into Momentum. Her business has allowed her to buy her dream house with a swimming pool and a wineyard, a new car for the family, and retired (divorced!) her husband.

Claudia went from struggling solopreneur, to a thriving business with 8 employees and a multiple six figure business in just 2 years

Dr Claudia Nichterl

Integrative Nutrition, Austria

"We get the kick in the b*** that we need, but in a gentle and serving way."

"Being a part of the SOMBA Kickstart community has been a game changer for me. Not just regarding my business, but also when it comes to my personal life. I now have the right techniques and support system in my back - and that makes it easier to focus on the right things at the right time. Both Sigrun and her coaches do what they can to help you succeed. They are like some guardian angels looking out for each and every one of us."

Karine Einang

"In short - the best investment you can make!"

"I have looked at countless courses, even bought them - to start with my online business. Nothing has really worked, often just a lot of self-promotion but no information, no clear instructions. In SOMBA Kickstart this is completely different - here you get structured instructions on how to proceed - and also instructions that can be implemented."

Manuela Lindmayr

"Joining SOMBA Kickstart was the craziest thing I have done so far in my life. I am sure I would never reach such great results without SOMBA Kickstart."

"I am sure I would never reach such great results without SOMBA Kickstart. It took me more energy and time than I expected at the start, but also gave me much better results at the end than I expected."

Jana Hudecová

"Kickstart has helped me gain more self confidence and I build my brand. I gained a lot of "fans" in a short time."

"To be a part of SOMBA Kickstart can change your life in a very positive way. You will build your brand and gain a lot of future customers who are also passionate about your topic. You will get step by step strategic advice in a very helpful environment."

Livia Danningerova

"I’m glad that I listened to my intuition and joined Kickstart. I ended up getting 87 sign-ups for my upsell, making just over $17K – the same income I had during the whole of 2020."

"Overall, I gained self-confidence, made new friends, and got used to hearing and seeing myself on video. I created two online courses, received great testimonials, and my email list grew from 88 to 442. Kickstart was the turning point for me. Without the program, I would still be thinking about what my first steps need to be to start an online business."


"SOMBA Kickstart is all you need when you want to run an online business."

Christine Boers-Doets

Judith used to be a typical trade-my-hours-for-money copywriter. She worked as a freelancer for advertising agencies, earning between $5-6K a month. When she came out of maternity leave after having her third child, she didn't have much time to run after clients and didn’t want to keep trading time for money. 

That’s when Judith started to work with us and created her very first online course in Kickstart. 

She followed the steps and trusted the process and soon had her first paying clients signing up. And then Judith kept going!

“I made $27K in my first launch and $35K in my second launch, without counting the upsells. Then, I sold my new signature course with 80 participants. 50% of them were new clients and it was my first 6-figure launch.”

Judith says...

In 2021 Judith grew her revenue to an amazing $350K without working herself to the bone and whilst taking care of her 3 children.

Isn’t it amazing? If Judith can do it, you can do it, too!

Judith went from trading time for money to making $27, having a 6-figure launch and making $350K in 2021.

Judith Peters

Sympatexter, Germany

"After Kickstart, I sold 28 spots in my upsell, and didn’t only make back the money I invested initially, but multiplied it, making just under $9K."


"If I would have gone ahead and done it by myself, it would have taken a year or two to do what I ended up doing in 10 weeks. I would have spent much more money and energy, and probably would have started to doubt myself."

"With Sigrun's help I made $11K – a five figure launch I’m thrilled with. It paid for the course more than three times over."


'I would never have been able to achieve this within 10 weeks on my own. I think it would have taken me six months to a year. After I had delivered this brand new course I sold 16 spots for $697 each to participants who wanted to carry on working with me in a new programme."

"Would I have ever created a course in this short amount of time without being in Sigrun’s program?
Not in a hundred years!"

Gretel NiemeyeR

"That’s why I want to tell everyone who’s on the fence: Take a leap, make that step. This is the way to go for everyone who wants to start their own online business... I made $14K selling my 12-month group program and never expected to make this kind of money, especially since I started with no email list."