How I Made €20K with My First Ever Launch with Vanessa Laszlo

August 26, 2020

Vanessa is a psychologist who has worked as a consultant for corporate clients since 20 years. Her business was very successful offline, and even though she didn’t have a large number of clients, the client base she had was loyal to her. 
However, when COVID19 hit the businesses of these clients, Vanessa’s own business came to a grinding halt. Unable to afford her services anymore, they cancelled their appointments with Vanessa. 
Back in March, she was actually happy to have some time off to spend with her daughter. She enjoyed not having to follow up with all the obligations she usually had. But after a few weeks, Vanessa realised that this wasn’t just a short vacation – she wasn’t able to go back to her normal at all. 
2020 was supposed to be her biggest year financially, but that goal seemed impossible to reach now the Corona crisis was here. The shock of it made her feel depressed and fall into self-pity. 
But Vanessa remembered an experiment she did when she was a psychologist student at university, involving a rat and a maze that reflected the complexity of everyday life for a human being. The result was that the rat became motivated to keep looking for food, even when the maze changed and it didn’t find the food at its usual place. 
Vanessa realised that much like the rat, she wasn’t supposed to expect her business to take off again where she left it, but had to explore new ways. That’s when she signed up for SOMBA Accelerator and took her offline business online. 
In this episode of the Sigrun Show, Vanessa talks about her experience joining SOMBA Accelerator and what she learned taking her first steps online. She shares how her very first 20K launch made her feel, and what’s next for her business.  
If you’re thinking about taking your business online, are scared of your first launch or just want to be inspired by an amazing success story, this episode is a must-listen!
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • What happened to Vanessa’s business when Europe went into lockdown (2:50) 
  • What made Vanessa join SOMBA Accelerator (5:12)
  • How Vanessa tested the waters online (11:00)
  • What Vanessa thought of her very first 20K launch (13:50)
  • What’s next for Vanessa and her business (16:25)

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