#324: How I Had a 23K Launch 2 Months After Joining SOMBA Momentum

June 24, 2019

#324: [Client Success Story] How I Had a 23K Launch 2 Months After Joining SOMBA Momentum

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Merilyn Wilson Beretta is a business advisor and mentor for self-made entrepreneurs and CEOs. For over 25 years, she has helped business leaders develop their leadership skills, implement change management strategies, and increase their personal and professional effectiveness. Today, she focuses on helping female entrepreneurs transform into powerhouse female leaders in their industry through her group coaching program.
Merilyn joins me on today’s client success story episode to share how she achieved 23K in revenue within two months of joining SOMBA Momentum. We talk about  why she decided to join SOMBA and the aspects she found most enjoyable and helpful for her business. Merilyn shares with me how she structured the launch of her group coaching program, why she offered free strategy call sessions during her launch, and how those sessions impacted her conversion rates for her launch.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Merilyn turned her offline business into an online business
  • Why she decided to join SOMBA
  • What Merilyn loved the most about the SOMBA Momentum program
  • How she earned 23K in revenue in two short months after joining SOMBA Momentum
  • The strategy Merilyn used to launch her group coaching program
  • Why she offered free strategy sessions during her launch
  • How offering free strategy calls impacted the conversion rate of launching Merilyn’sgroup coaching program
  • Her upcoming mini-launch
  • Her goal for achieving 6-figures by the end of the year
  • Why Merilyn decided to do more live group coaching sessions and how she plans to scale it

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