6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Claudia Nichterl

June 7, 2021

6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Claudia Nichterl
Have you ever heard a story and been inspired by it so much, it made you stop procrastinating and take action? 
Stories are a powerful way to generate inspiration. That’s why I decided to start a special series called 6-Figure Breakthrough Series, where my clients share how they reached 6 figures in their online business, and how you can, too. 
In this episode, I talk to Claudia Nichterl. She participated in SOMBA Summer School in June 2018 and since then has gradually scaled her business. Now, she just had her first multiple 6 figure launch.
Claudia shares her story and what you need to do to achieve this, too.



What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Claudia feels about her recent 300K launch (2:24)
  • How Claudia got into online business and joined SOMBA Summer School (4:20)
  • Claudia’s first online course and how she sold 85 spots in her upsell (6:18) 
  • Taking the step to charge more (9:17) 
  • The importance of a community and a big vision (10:46)
  • What it took for Claudia to start thinking big (13:13)
  • Why Claudia’s biggest launch was easier than her previous launches (13:55)
  • Why Claudia recommends SOMBA Kickstart (18:38)

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