#77: How Being Authentic Grows Your Business with Lisa Corduff

October 8, 2017

Lisa Corduff has a background in television, video production, and communication. When her family was trying to settle in a new city, Lisa decided to start a hobby using all her experience. By the end of 2012, Lisa began her wholefoods blog, Keepin’ Food Real, that eventually led her to create an 8-week course that is now her signature program called Small Steps to Wholefoods.
Lisa shares what inspired her to choose wholefoods for her and her family. She tells us how her hobby turned into something profitable and how she manages to stay consistent and authentic in her blogging, business, and relationship with her followers.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Where to find the silver bullet for your business
  • How Lisa set the tone of her blog
  • Japanese theory about cause and approach to behavior change
  • How she launched her first event
  • The game-changer for her business
  • Content and marketing strategies

Key Takeaways:

  1. People know when you really care and are invested in them.
  2. Connect with your followers and create content consistently.
  3. Momentum is the key to business. Keep the wheels turning.
  4. Be okay with imperfection.

Connect with Lisa Corduff:

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