#300: Best Business Advice from 13 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

February 13, 2019

#300: 300th Episode Celebration: Best Business Advice from 13 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

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Throughout my journey as an online entrepreneur, I have discovered and met hundreds of inspiring, motivating entrepreneurs. Since launching The Sigrun Show in August 2017, I have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting even more high-achieving entrepreneurs who are truly making a difference and impact in their industries.
These entrepreneurs are people like you and me – people that are out there following their dreams, taking action, and achieving great success.
So, to celebrate our 300th episode milestone, I invited 13 amazing guests I’ve had on the show before to share their best business advice for aspiring online business owners.
Here’s what they said…

Invest in Yourself

Jasmine Star dropped out of law school to follow her passion for photography and has never looked back. She has built a successful online business based on her passion. I first met Jasmine 10 years ago on Creative Live where she was teaching others how to take beautiful, professional wedding photos.
Last year, I interviewed Jasmine as a special guest on The Sigrun Show to share her strategy for attracting raving fans on social media – particularly on Instagram.
In this episode, she shares why online entrepreneurs need to double down on what they know, who they are, and truly believe that they are enough to make an impact in the world. She also shares why investing in yourself is one of the most valuable – and important – decisions you can make as a budding entrepreneur.
Jasmine Star’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Double down on what you know. Double down on who you are. Double down on where you need to go.”

Follow Your Gut Instincts

When I first met Tamiko Kelly at BBD Live in California, I instantly found her story and business fascinating. When I launched my podcast, I knew her story would inspire many aspiring female entrepreneurs. Tamiko joined me on episode 274 where she shared how she built a thriving online business as a baby sleep trainer.
In this episode, she shares why your opinion is the only one that truly matters as an entrepreneur and the importance of following your gut instincts as you build your online empire.
Tamiko Kelly’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “The only opinion that matters is yours. It’s your business. You have the freedom to run it however you want.”

Envision Yourself as Successful

Nicole Holland is the founder of Interviews That Convert and the host of the Business Building Rockstars Show. I was first introduced to Nicole by a friend who suggested I listen to her show. Shortly after, her podcast agency reached out to request that I interview Nicole on my show, where she shared how to be a great podcast guest and run a top-notch show – and we quickly became friends.
To celebrate episode 300, Nicole shares why it’s important for entrepreneurs to view themselves as successful – even before they’ve achieved the success they desire. She also explains why it’s critical to hold onto your vision of success – no matter what.
Nicole Holland’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “As long as you are holding that vision of yourself as a success and taking aligned actions to move directly toward that success – you will be successful.”

Create a Simple Plan – and Stick to It

Caroline Balinska is the creator of eCommerce Marketing Lab. She is a serial entrepreneur who has built several online businesses and has learned many valuable lessons along the way. She joined me on episode 245 to share tips for creating a successful ecommerce strategy.
In this episode, she shares why she believes the key to building a successful online business is through intentional planning and avoiding shiny object syndrome.
Caroline Balinska’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Create a simple plan. Work backwards from where your goal is.”

Make Your Physical & Emotional Wellbeing Top Priority

I’ve known Lisa Carpenter online for several years through various Facebook groups. She is an author, speaker, educator, and coach that teaches high-achieving entrepreneurs how to unleash their inner power and establish personal and professional boundaries that will catapult their businesses – and their lives – into the success they desire.
Lisa joined me on episode 247 where she discussed why entrepreneurs need to stop pushing their way to success – and how to do it – so it’s no surprise that her top tip for achieving success as an online entrepreneur is to make your health as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing your top priority.
Lisa Carpenter’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “If you want to create massive impact and massive influence, you must show up as your best self everyday. This means making rest a non-negotiable part of your business strategy. You can’t have a thriving business if you are falling apart.”

Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

I first met Rachael Cook through a mutual friend. In 2015, we were also part of a mastermind group together and have watched each other’s businesses sour over the years. She is an award-winning business strategist focused on helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, and executive leaders design their business and careers in a way that works for them.
I recently interviewed Rachael on episode 273 where she shared her powerful strategy for planning your best year yet as a CEO and online entrepreneur.
Today, she shares why doing the things that don’t scale and adding a personal touch to your online business are the keys to standing out among your competitors.
Rachael Cook’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Those little personal touches matter. That’s what helps you truly stand out.”

Short-Term Action Creates Long-Term Impact

Jason Brown is the founder and Senior Coach at The Brown Report and is one of a few guests I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing multiple times on the show. Jason made his first appearance on The Sigrun Show on episode 182 where he shared tips on how to successfully start investing in the stock market. He came back on episode 199 to share his strategy for automating his sales funnel with YouTube.
Today, Jason shares why his top piece of advice for budding online entrepreneurs is to understand that even though the actions and steps you take today may not reap immediate rewards – the long-term returns on your investment can be so much sweeter.
Jason Brown’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “The results you’re getting today are in direct relationship to the things you did 6 to 12 months ago.”

Take Imperfect Action

Lisa Corduff is the creator of Keepin’ Food Real and Small Steps to Wholefoods. I first met Lisa two years ago at a mastermind group we attended together and we quickly became friends. Lisa joined me on episode 77 where she explained why being authentic is critical for building a thriving, successful online business.
Today, Lisa shares why taking imperfect action, letting go of the idea of perfection, and avoiding comparing yourself to others is the key to succeeding in online business.
Lisa Corduff’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Imperfect action is going to take you further, faster.”

Aim for Joy in Your Online Business

Natalie Sisson is another one of the few guests I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on the show on more than one occasion. Her first appearance was on episode 9 where she shared how she took a sabbatical from her business, the Suitcase Entrepreneur On episode 258, she re-joined me to explain what a freedom plan is and how to create one as well as how she turned her online course into a phenomenal book.
Natalie is one of the first online entrepreneurs I started following in my entrepreneurial journey and today she shares why it’s important for entrepreneurs to avoid getting caught up in the detail and instead – focus on what brings you the most joy and happiness.
Natalie Sisson’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Don’t ever get caught up in too much of the detail. Remember to focus on how you can bring joy into all the work you do – because it shows.”

Know Your Audience – Before You Start Marketing

I initially met Ben Amos at Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit in London in 2017. He is the Creative Director of Innovate Media. He joined me on episode 203 to explain why every online entrepreneur needs to create a video marketing strategy for their online business.
So it’s not surprising that when I asked Ben to share his top piece of business advice for online business owners, he explains why it’s critical for entrepreneurs to spend time and energy on truly understanding who their audience is and their profile behaviors before creating a marketing strategy.
Ben Amos’ Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Before any marketing activity, always seek first to really know your audience. Not just demographics but their psychographics and profile behavior.”

Find What Works For YOU

Jasmine Shea, also known as Jazzy Things, is the creator of Your Dinner Is Planned. She is a genius when it comes to creating quick and easy dinner plans for busy entrepreneurs and moms. She made her debut appearance on The Sigrun Show on episode 244 when she shared creative strategies for busy online entrepreneurs to create super simple dinner plans. On episode 263, she shared her strategy for building a massive following on Instagram.
Her advice for busy entrepreneurs is to simply find what works best for you and to align your personal priorities, values, and health goals in order to create a sustainable life that makes you feel good inside and out.
Jasmine Shea’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Feeling good is the foundation of a prosperous business.”

Be Yourself. Be Authentic.

Shazzie is my dear friend, mastermind buddy, and the host of Sky TV’s Raw Kitchen. When I first introduced Shazzie to my podcast listeners on episode 19, she shared some powerful tips on how to grow your first million as an online entrepreneur. She re-joined me on episode 206 to discuss how online health coaches can earn their first $30,000 in their first 6-months of online business and why being consistent in your online and content marketing is critical to your success.
Today, Shazzie shares how doubling down on being her authentic self has helped her build multiple, highly-successful online businesses.
Shazzie’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Learn the Art of Persuasion

Colin Boyd is a certified professional speaker, trainer, and NLP practitioner who I have had the pleasure of interviewing on episode 57. He shared strategies for effectively selling your products, services, and programs on stage at speaking events.
Colin has truly honed the art public speaking, and I couldn’t resist inviting him as a guest speaker at my upcoming VIP Mastermind Retreat as well as teaching a masterclass for my SOMBA clients.
He is such a powerful and persuasive speaker and presenter, it’s not surprising that his best business advice is to be obsessed with learning the fine art of communicating your message persuasively.
Colin Boyd’s Best Business Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “ If you don’t know how to communicate your message to your audience in an engaging and persuasive way – your business is not going to grow.”

Bonus: Tony Robbins Research

Tony Robbins has been a guiding force in my life for a very long time. Not the least when I met my husband at his Unleash the Power Within Seminar in London back in 2008.
Tony and his team at Robbins Research International surveyed 524 business owners and entrepreneurs from the Tony Robbins Business Mastery alumni group and found out some eye-opening information. The study shows that most business owners (77%) believe they will be able to grow their business through the next recession, even though they are less sure about how they will do so. It all comes down to the right mindset!

Let’s Celebrate!

When I launched The Sigrun Show a year and a half ago, it was a dream come true. To achieve 300 episodes in such a short time is a milestone I am truly proud of. I’m grateful for all of the guests that have come on the show and special thanks to those who have come back to help us celebrate our 300th episode!


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