#275: Breakthroughs from Tony Robbins Date with Destiny #dwd2018

December 14, 2018

#275: Breakthroughs from Tony Robbins Date with Destiny #dwd2018

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What is your destiny? Do you think of it as a divine plan or something you have the power to shape? Tony Robbins has been doing Date with Destiny for 30 years. Through this six-day event, Tony helps you discover your purpose and equips you with tools to help you shape your own destiny.
I’ve gone to several Tony Robbins seminars over the last decade. After attending each one, I’ve always felt empowered, motivated, and excited to try something new or to take my business to the next level.
In this episode, I share the breakthroughs I’ve had over the years from attending the Tony Robbins seminar, Date with Destiny. I discuss why I decided to go to the seminar again after ten years as well as the insights and realizations I’ve had about myself, my relationships, and my business. I also share the significance of investing in yourself by going to conferences and seminars and explain how this investment is the key to the growth of your business and personal relationships.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why I attended my first Tony Robbins seminar in London ten years ago
  • Explaining the six human needs according to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power WIthin seminar
  • What the first and most basic human need is
  • Why entrepreneurs have certainty as a basic need
  • How Tony Robbins helped me find love and connection
  • The importance of writing your 10-year vision on a piece of paper and looking back at it after many years
  • Wealth Mastery vs. Business Mastery
  • A recipe for success in relationships and business
  • Breakthroughs on my relationship with my then boyfriend (now my husband) when we went to Date with Destiny 2008
  • Why I picked the word BOLD as my word of the year for 2019
  • A glimpse of what it’s like to participate in the Date with Destiny seminar
  • The kind of audience that attends Tony’s seminars and how they can impact your desire to be an entrepreneur
  • How the entrepreneurship seed was planted in my head ten years ago
  • Why the first thing we worked on is our values and the rules behind these values
  • Figuring out your primary question and how this “innocent” question is driving most of your behavior
  • The relevance of having Power Virtues like a Word of the Year
  • Why you’re encouraged to dream big
  • What kills every business and relationship
  • Why it’s crucial to join a mastermind
  • How often you should invest in yourself and go to seminars

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