#200: 200 Episodes Celebration – Powerful Business Advice from 13 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

June 22, 2018

#200: 200 Episodes Celebration - Powerful Business Advice from 13 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

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Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have met many smart, savvy, and inspirational online entrepreneurs. These powerhouse online business owners have truly motivated me and made a significant impact on my life and journey in entrepreneurship.
To celebrate our 200th episode of The Sigrun Show – as well as achieving 100,000 organic downloads without paid promotion, I reached out to some of my favorite guests to share their best business advice for online entrepreneurs.
I asked them to think back to where their life and business was five years ago to gain inspiration and ideas about what advice they would give to a new online business owner.
Here’s what they said…

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Kate Erickson, the host of Kate’s Take podcast and Implementer at Entrepreneurs On Fire, was the first guest on the show. After seeing her keynote talk at Social Media Marketing World in 2017 – where she shared how she started her podcast with simple equipment and reading her blog posts – Her speech created a lightbulb moment for me and I was inspired to finally take the leap and start The Sigrun Show.
For our 200th episode celebration, Kate shares how stepping out of her comfort zone has been the key to creating the success she desired to advance her career and business.
Kate Erickson’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Step outside of your comfort zone.”

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Mark Schaefer was also a significant inspiration in my podcasting journey after I saw him speak at Social Media Marketing World in 2017. His speech inspired another lightbulb moment… to launch my podcast with 100 episodes in 100 days and, of course, I wanted him to be one of the amazing guests on my show!
In episode 5, he talked about how to become known in your industry in as little as 30 months or less and covered some of the topics that he wrote about in his book Known, which launched last year.
In this episode, he shares an important piece of advice on how to build a successful business that he learned from one of his past mentors.
Mark Schaefer’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Surround yourself with the right people. Have the courage to rely on people other than yourself and be smart enough to know the possibilities to ask the right questions.”

Don’t Wait! Take Inspired Action.

My third guest on the show was Elena Herdieckerhoff in episode 7 and she discussed how she achieved an unbelievable 1 million views on her TEDx Talk. Elena is a dear friend of mine as well as a mastermind buddy in a mastermind group I’ve been a part of for over four years. She has successfully built and sold a skincare brand, and is currently the founder of Red Dot Stage.
In this episode, she shares how she learned that believing that you are good enough and taking inspired action is the key to building a successful, profitable, and sellable online business.
Elena Herdieckerhoff’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “If you know there is one big game-changer that will put your business on the map, decide today that you are good enough and are able to make it happen. Don’t wait for the ideal time or opportunity. Simply make your game changer your priority. Take inspired action and you will make it happen sooner than you think.”

Keep Learning & Implementing

In episode 9, I interviewed Natalie Sisson, who was the fourth powerhouse entrepreneur on The Sigrun Show, where she explained why after seven years of running her business, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, she decided to take a sabbatical. Natalie was one of the first online entrepreneurs I started following five or six years ago and was a huge inspiration to me while starting my online business.
Since her sabbatical, she has rebranded her business under her own name and has a book coming out soon!
Natalie Sisson’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Keep learning. Keep implementing and continue to be a leading learner.”

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

While I was preparing to launch my show, I reached out to my community and asked who they would like to hear as a guest on the show. Zach Spuckler was one of the first – and most requested – names that people asked for.
Zach is best known as the creator of the 5-Day Challenge course and the host of the Heart, Soul, Hustle podcast. On episode 15, he shared how to use a challenge to sell your high-end program.
He is a wizard when it comes to implementing launch and funnel strategies and creative marketing ideas, and he continues to inspire me and others to try new things and keep innovating.
Zach Spuckler’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Stop trying to be perfect. Stop thinking that the first draft is going to be everything and more. Get something out there! If you don’t put an offer out into the world, people can’t pay you and if you don’t get paid – you can’t run a business.”

Write an Exit Strategy Today!

My dear friend and mastermind buddy, Shazzie, has successfully built a multiple 7-figure business that she later sold. Since one of my 2017 business goals was to grow my business to become a 7-figure business, I decided to feature her on my podcast.
On episode 19, she shares how she turned her passion and business idea into a million-dollar company and today, she explains why it’s important for online entrepreneurs to create an exit strategy sooner rather than later.
Shazzie’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Write an exit strategy today. Now. It’s a magical spell that creates the brightest possible future for yourself and your loved ones.”

Attention is the Online Currency

Jill Stanton and her husband Josh are the founders and creators of the Screw the Nine To Five Facebook community and membership site where they help unsatisfied and aspiring entrepreneurs build the life and business of their dreams through actionable strategies, simple how-to, resources and tools, and so much more.
Jill previously joined me on episode 29 where she shared the secret behind gaining raving fans and high retention rates. Her top business advice is for entrepreneurs to truly understand why building your reputation and putting yourself out there is critical to building a successful online business.
Jill Stanton’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Attention is the currency online. When you have it – everything becomes so much easier. So put yourself out there. Spread the word!”

Look at Your Big Picture Goals

Sarah Grear is a phenomenal copywriter, copy conversion expert, and the creative director and owner of Creative Custom Writing, Inc. I have been friends with Sarah for several years so when I was preparing to launch SOMBA for the first time, it was a no-brainer that I should work with her to create a compelling sales page.
After I launched The Sigrun Show, I reached out to Sarah to be a guest on the show to share her insight and tips for online entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses from six to seven figures by honing their copywriting skills.
To celebrate our 200th episode, Sarah explains why new entrepreneurs need to look at the bigger picture goals when creating their online packages and setting their prices instead of simply settling with lower priced projects.
Sarah Grear’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Look at the big picture goals when you make decisions about the packaging or what you are offering to your clients so you can make those decisions to grow in your business.”

Success Lies in Consistency

Over the last 200 episodes, I have rarely featured any single guest more than once – Lorraine Dallmeier has officially broken a new record for The Sigrun Show. Including today’s episode, she has been featured as a guest expert in three episodes.
Lorraine first joined me on the show in episode 81, where she discussed how she bought an online business four years ago and grew it from earning low five figures to over seven figures per year. In episode 180, she shared the 5 types of copycats and a 10 step action plan on how to deal with copycats.
In this episode, she shares why the key to building a highly successful and profitable business lies in taking consistent action each day.
Lorraine Dallmeier’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “The key to success lies in consistency. Don’t ever stop what you are doing; just keep going every day because you’ll constantly build up your business further.”

Start Small and Scale Up

When I attended Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit in London last November, I had the opportunity to see Janet Murray speak on the power of PR. Janet is the host of The Janet Murray Show and the founder of Soulful PR.
I had the pleasure of interviewing her in episode 117 where she shares how entrepreneurs can get free PR for their online business as well as how they can use stories unrelated to their business to promote their brand. So, it’s not a surprise that her key piece of advice for online entrepreneurs is related to building and growing your audience.
Janet Murray’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Start small and scale up as you’re building your audience.”

Focus Your Message

April Perry is the owner of LearnDoBecome.com where she teaches thousands of entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals around the world the system she created to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.
In episode 150, she shared how she used to feel overwhelmed and how she overcame that feeling by creating systems, routines, and building what she calls a “command center.” As many entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed in running their businesses while taking care of their families, that episode has been one of the most popular episodes of the show.
Now, she shares how she learned the power behind having a focused message in your sales copy and marketing strategy can significantly impact the growth of your business.
April Perry’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “When you have a focused message and a clear way people can hire you to solve a pain point, you can grow a business and really help a lot of people in the process.”

Be Open to New Opportunities

Tiffany Lee Bymaster had a fascinating career as a makeup artist and stylist, working with some amazing actors on the set of television shows and movies. She was also a talented lifestyle blogger and today is widely recognized as Coach Glitter.
Tiffany joined me in episode 172 where she talked about how entrepreneurs should become comfortable with taking imperfect actions to achieve their business goals. She is one of the best affiliate marketers I know and is a true inspiration for thousands of online entrepreneurs.
In this episode, she shares why it’s important for entrepreneurs to be open to new possibilities and opportunities that life presents to us on a daily basis.
Tiffany Lee Bymaster’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Be open to the possibilities of things. You can’t even predict where your life may take you next. Keep your mind, heart, and soul open to all of the opportunities that life will present to you on a daily basis.”

Be a Leading Learner

When I started my journey into building an online business, Nathalie Lussier was one of the first online entrepreneurs I noticed and began following, so when I met up with her at Social Media Marketing World 2018 – I asked her to be a guest on my show to share her story. Nathalie is the creator of the 30-Day List Building Challenge.
In episode 194, she shares how this well-known challenge has impacted her business and how creating the ultimate challenge can help you build your online business.
When I reached out to her to participate in our 200th episode celebration and share one piece of key advice she would tell a new entrepreneur – she did not hesitate, nor disappoint.
Nathalie Lussier’s Advice for Online Entrepreneurs: “Keep learning. Keep implementing and continue to be a leading learner.”

Let’s Celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!

Launching The Sigrun Show in August 2017 was a dream come true and now reaching 200 episodes is a very proud moment. I am grateful to all of the guest speakers that have come on the show – and a special thanks to those who have contributed to episode 200.
I’d love to celebrate this milestone with you too – with a GIVEAWAY!
Here’s the scoop on how, what and when:
WHAT: One lucky person gets an all expenses paid trip to Zurich, Switzerland and a free ticket to Sigrun Live to meet me and my SOMBA community on September 29th, 2018. Sigrun Live is a one day event for SOMBA members and a 2-day event for Masterminder and normally no one else can join our live event but I’m making an exception for you to attend both days for FREE and we’ll pay your flight and hotel too!
WHEN: We accept entries from June 22 to July 8, 2018

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