Clarify Your Message to Unlock Your Business with Dolores Hirschmann

March 24, 2021

Clarify Your Message to Unlock Your Business with Dolores Hirschmann
A clear message can be the difference between attracting and confusing a potential client. That’s why it’s so important to clarify your message early on. 
But this is easier said than done. Where do you start when it comes to clarifying your message and making a lasting impression? How do you know if your message resonates with your ideal client? 
Dolores Hirschmann, my guest this week on The Sigrun Show, is an expert in helping others clarify their message and design communication strategies to take their messages to a larger audience.  
I met Dolores at Ali Brown’s Iconic and I’m delighted for her to share her expertise so you can spring right into action and get clear on the message that will move your business forward!
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If you’re more of a reader, scroll down to read about how you can clarify your message.

What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Dolores found her business idea (3:18)
  • How to clarify your message (11:09)
  • What you want vs. what you need (19:08) 
  • Making a lasting first impression (21:26) 
  • How you know if your message works (23:25)
  • Examples of clear messages (25:54)
  • Why clarifying your message is a fluid process (28:57)

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Want to know more about how you can improve your message? Learn why messaging is more than a tagline.

How to Clarify Your Message

People don’t necessarily buy the best products, but the products they understand. That’s why businesses with a clear message thrive. 
If you feel your message could be clearer or resonate more with your ideal client, here are Dolores’ three steps on how to clarify your message: 

Put yourself in the head of your ideal client

Imagine what it’s like to be your ideal client and you haven’t found the solution to your problem yet. What conversation would go on in your head? What vocabulary would you use? Understand how your ideal client feels right now, and not when they’re successful after they worked with you. What is it they want? Pay attention to how they say what they want, and not how you imagine it. 

Lead with the outcome

In the content you release, lead with the outcome. Your ideal client will pay attention to any piece of information that starts with the outcome they’re after. Until they get to know and trust you, they don’t care about your methodology or process, but whether you can give them the outcome they’re looking for. 

Be on point

Don’t overthink your language. There’s a balance between the clarity and crispness of a message. Go into FB groups of your ideal clients,  ask questions and listen to their answers. The best copy is the one we don’t write, but that comes directly from the mouth of our clients. 
When you clarify your message, keep in mind: Sexy is good, but clarity is better. There’s a lot of noise online and people are looking for clear, simple, straight-forward solutions. Keep it focused and to the point. 
A clear message isn’t only a bridge between your offer and your ideal client – it also gives you clarity on where your business is headed. 
Did these steps help you clarify your message? I’d love to hear from you! You can follow, connect and share with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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