How to Design a Team That Helps Your Business Reach 7 or 8 Figures with Kris Plachy

October 28, 2020

How to Design a Team That Helps Your Business Reach 7 or 8 Figures with Kris Plachy
I’m in the middle of transforming my team, and there couldn’t have been a better moment for Kris Plachy to come on to The Sigrun Show. 
Kris is an expert for entrepreneurial management and her work revolves around guiding leaders in learning how to lead their own team. 
Having worked in a corporate start-up environment, she quickly made a name for herself for building up teams that not only win, but stick together. 
At the same time, Kris became interested in coaching. It was back in the 90s when there weren’t many coaches around, but she learned as much as she could about it and eventually became a certified coach herself, developing her own practices. Then she realised that she could combine her coaching experience with her work experience. 
She started running a performance coaching team, coaching and developing 4000 leaders along the way. 
However, it wasn’t until she was invited to be the content developer for the annual women’s leadership program run by her COO that she fell in love with working with female entrepreneurs. The fast action and implementation of female leaders was right down her alley, and she has worked with women who run their own companies and have big goals ever since. 
This week on the Sigrun Show, Kris shares the steps to design the team that will help you reach your goals and dives into what role your values and expectations play when hiring a team member. She also talks about the importance of measuring performance and how you can identify when it’s time to make a big hire. 
No matter how many figures you’re making, don’t miss out on this episode if you want to learn the most important lessons on designing and leading a team.
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Kris became an expert in leadership and management (3:00)
  • What makes Kris’ approach different (6:48) 
  • Why women need to take back leadership (7:35)
  • The steps to design the team that will help you reach your goal (12:04) 
  • The importance of your values (16:22)
  • How to know who needs to be on your team (22:02)
  • How to identify the next big need in your business and fill this role (29:40)
  • Getting clear on your expectations (36:52) 
  • How to measure performance (42:10)

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How to Create the Team That Will Help You Reach Your Business Goal

You know that now is the time to create the business you want to have, and that in order to reach your goals, you need to have the right team. But how do you go about designing that team? Here, Kris shares five great steps to help you understand the mechanics of building your team. 

Define the game you want to play

Your vision defines the landscape you’re going to create in the world. It’s also the defining anchor for all of the people you will bring into your company. Hire people who are equally excited about your vision. If you have people on your team just because they want a job, that’s not going to benefit your vision.  

Understand which players you need on your team 

Think about the players you need to achieve your objective. What structure and roles will you need in your team? The important thing is that you don’t build a role for someone who might already be on your team, but define your roles independently. As your business is evolving, sometimes the people who you started with aren’t compatible anymore with where your business is heading and change is needed. Write job descriptions for the roles you need to achieve your goal, and only then go and look for people who could fill them. 

Identify your values

Having your values clearly defined helps you in hiring, but also firing people who aren’t right for your team. Your values influence your decision, so it’s important that your future team members are aligned with them. If you’re not clear on what your values are, think about the best person who has ever worked for you and look at the shared values you had with this person. You can also do the reverse and look at the worst person you ever worked with, and identify where the conflicts were. Sometimes we don’t know our values until they are made visible in contrast to someone. 

Get clear on your own expectations

Whenever you’re not getting the results you want, the first person you look at is you. Think about whether you were really clear about what you expected from this person. Be more thoughtful about how you give direction and how you follow up with the results. 

Measure your team’s performance

Introduce measures for every role which help your employees (and yourself) know they’re on target. Every role has key measures, and they create a foundation for accountability. The biggest frustration of most employees is not knowing how to be successful in their role. They don’t know if they’re on the right track, and this kind of confusion isn’t the right strategy if you want to reach your goal. 
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