#326: How Feng Shui Can Set You Up for Business Success with Patricia Lohan

July 3, 2019

#326: How Feng Shui Can Set You Up for Business Success with Patricia Lohan

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Patricia Lohan is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and Feng Shui expert who has helped thousands achieve great things and live their dreams through the power of their outer world – their environment, especially their homes. She is the author of the book The Happy Home, where she talks about the connection between your living space and your happiness, health, and wealth. 
Patricia joins me today to share how the way you arrange your office space makes you successful in business. We talk about why you should be mindful of the things you put in your living spaces, as well as how Feng Shui works like a magnet in your life. Patricia also shares with me the top five mistakes people make when designing their working environment and how setting up your space the right way can help you achieve maximum positive impact in your life and your business.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Patricia was introduced to Feng Shui
  • How applying her Feng Shui knowledge impacted her family and her parents’ business 
  • What Patricia did to fast-track her brick and mortar business 
  • Patricia’s biggest drivers for her success
  • Where to position your desk and your back in the office
  • How the visual cues in your office determine the direction of your life and business
  • How to create clear boundaries between work and leisure using your space

Connect with Patricia Lohan:

My Challenge for You:

Share your biggest Feng Shui takeaway from Patricia Lohan and what you can improve in your space to set it up for success.

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