#41: How to Find Your True Passion and the Right Business Idea

September 2, 2017

Finding your true passion is very important when you’re creating your online business. Many new entrepreneurs often try to offer multiple products or services that match with their varied interests and passions. But focusing on too many things at once can lead you down the path of overwhelm and it can affect your ability to succeed.
In this episode, I share the 7 steps to finding your one true passion and how you can identify the right business idea that will help you successfully create the life – and business – you want.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How a vision board can help you create your vision
  • Strategies for creating a vision board
  • The difference between a dream and a vision
  • Using a “mind map” to help you brainstorm your passions
  • Evaluating your mind map to generate potential business ideas
  • How to identify who your ideal clients are
  • How to create a “business idea matrix” and how to rate each idea
  • Evaluating your top-rated business ideas and coming up with your “why”

Key Takeaway:

  • It starts with a vision, then following the steps of finding your true passion and the right business idea.

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