#340: How to Go From Freelancer to an Online Business Owner with Lilli Koisser

September 20, 2019

How to Go From Freelancer to an Online Business Owner with Lilli Koisser

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Lilli Koisser is a former freelance copywriter turned successful online entrepreneur, coaching business owners and freelancers alike on how to attract their target audience through her unique method: Magnetic Marketing and her online course, “Your Website As A Client Magnet.” In addition, Lilli educates and equips others on how to draw their dream clients in through search engine optimized web copy.
Lilli joins me today to share how she transformed from being a paid-by-the-hour freelancer to a thriving online entrepreneur. She dives into how she discovered the direction for her business and where she found the courage to take the leap in merging her businesses. Moreover, Lilli shares the significance of investing in yourself as well as how her current mentor inspired her to be more and do more.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The factors that urged Lilli to consider building an online business
  • The first significant investment she made for herself
  • How she got ‘sucked into’ the online marketing world
  • The turning point that led her to realize that she didn’t want to carry on as a freelancer
  • How she realized she had something special to offer freelancers and business owners
  • Why Lilli stopped offering free advice even when she really wanted to help others
  • The moment she had a breakthrough with her online business
  • Why she feels like she can provide more value to more people now
  • How she replaced her copywriting income and how much her income has grown as she runs her own business
  • What her new monthly financial goals are as an entrepreneur
  • How the stages of the SOMBA program inspired her to become a coach
  • How the SOMBA program helped her create her own mastermind group

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