#174: GDPR- Online Marketing Changes with Suzanne Dibble

April 23, 2018

#174: GDPR - Online Marketing Changes with Suzanne Dibble

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Suzanne Dibble is a multiple award-winning business attorney and an expert on data protection and GDPR regulation with a strong passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs protect and grow their online businesses. She has worked closely with many famous entrepreneurial leaders and innovators including Richard Branson and Simon Woodroffe. She is recognized as one of the few lawyers that truly understand the online business world as well as regulatory law and policy and how it affects small business.
Suzanne joins me in this episode and explains what online entrepreneurs need to do to become compliant with the GDPR laws and regulations. She talks about the difference between the GDPR’s general consent requirements and freely given consent, how to encourage current subscribers to re-engage with your content while meeting the GDPR requirements, and how entrepreneurs can continue to use freebies to grow their list. She also explains the importance of conducting a Legitimate Interest Assessment, whether using a double opt-in approach to your list building strategy is enough to comply with the GDPR requirements, and how to prepare for potential complaints regarding the data privacy of your email list.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How the GDPR regulations may impact your online business
  • How supervisory authorities are working with small businesses
  • How to meet the standard requirements regarding consent to comply with GDPR standards
  • How to properly – and legally – use check boxes on your newsletter forms
  • The importance of keeping a record of your email subscribers consent and what information you should record
  • How to encourage your current email subscribers to re-engage with your newsletter while complying with GDPR regulations
  • Best practices for using free content, downloads, and webinars as lead magnets to grow your email list after May 25
  • What “legitimate interest grounds” means and what it involves regarding the GDPR law
  • The importance of conducting a Legitimate Interest Assessment of your email list
  • How double opt-in consent impacts your ability to comply with GDPR requirements
  • How to prepare for potential complaints regarding data privacy and GDPR compliance

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t panic over the new GDPR law.
  2. Keep a record of how you acquired consent from each subscriber and how you are using their data.
  3. Provide a link to your privacy policy.
  4. Use this time as an opportunity to clean your list.

Connect with Suzanne Dibble:

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