#178: GDPR: A Quick Summary of What You Need to Do

May 2, 2018

#178: GDPR: A Quick Summary of What You Need to Do

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Online business and marketing is quickly evolving and with the new GDPR laws soon to be enforced, many online entrepreneurs are becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information and fake news that is circulating the internet telling them what they need to do to become compliant with the new data privacy and protection law. This information overload and contradictory information can make it difficult to determine what steps you need to take.
In this episode, I discuss what the GDPR policies actually are, how they can affect your online business and list-building strategies, and how you can conduct your own risk assessment to protect your brand and become compliant with the new data protection law’s standards. I explain why you should embrace the new law as an opportunity to clean your mailing list, how to identify if you need to ask your subscribers to renew their consent, and the steps you need to take to become GDPR compliant. I’ll also share how you can continue to use freebies and offers to grow your mailing list, promote your brand, and build your business while respecting people’s data.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Being aware of your propensity for risk and assessing what you consider to be tolerable risks
  • What the GDPR law really is and why the law was created
  • Identifying what the term “personal data” means
  • Conducting an audit of what personal data you collect and how you plan to use it
  • Determining how long you should store personal data
  • Understanding how you acquired someone’s personal data
  • How to identify if your software vendors and database providers are GDPR compliant
  • How to ensure your team is GDPR compliant
  • Updating your cookie and privacy policies to GDPR standards
  • How to update your processes to consider individual rights
  • Documenting the lawful reasons for processing personal data
  • How to prepare for data subject requests
  • How to identify if you need to renew subscriber consent
  • Are double opt-ins enough to meet the GDPR standards?
  • The difference between a Data Protection Officer and a Data Protection Representative
  • The importance of consistently reviewing and assessing your risks
  • How to promote and build your online business while remaining GDPR compliant
  • Where to display your privacy policy
  • How to properly use checkboxes in your list-building strategy

Resources Mentioned:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Assess what risks you are willing to take.
  2. Embrace the new GDPR laws as an opportunity to clean your list.
  3. Implement a contract with your clients – and your team – that ensures everyone is compliant with GDPR standards.
  4. Verify that your software and programs are GDPR compliant.
  5. Be transparent. Display your privacy policy on your website and mailing list forms.
  6. Conduct an audit of what personal data you collect, how you acquired it, and how you plan to use it.

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