How to Get Fit as an Online Entrepreneur with Jeff McMahon

August 4, 2021

As online entrepreneurs, we often sit in front of our computers all day and generally don’t move a lot. I ended up gaining 10 kilos after starting my online business. 
It’s important for our physical and mental health to stay active, especially when working from home. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Still, I had difficulties motivating myself to work out. That’s why I hired Jeff McMahon. 
Jeff works with well-known online entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and John Lee Dumas, and has been my virtual trainer for over two years. He’s the reason I work out three times a week (and won a plank competition against my nephews last year!). 
In this episode, he shares his top tips on how to get fit as an online entrepreneur. 



What you will get out of this episode:

  • The two reasons why Jeff became a personal trainer (2:16)
  • How he started out his career as a virtual trainer (3:30) 
  • Why more and more well-known online entrepreneurs signed up with him (4:58) 
  • How Jeff structures his work (6:06)
  • Why online entrepreneurs go for virtual sessions (myself included!) (8:00)
  • Jeff’s top tips to get fit as an online entrepreneur (11:47)
  • How to get the motivation to go on walks (17:38)
  • What Jeff focuses on in his work with online entrepreneurs (21:56)
  • Jeff’s suggestions to improve your posture (24:10)
  • The ideal exercise combination for someone sitting at a desk all day (26:44)
  • Jeff’s new online community to live a healthier life (29:24)

Discover Jeff’s new online community Healthy at Home

Do you want to get fit as an online entrepreneur? Here’s what Jeff’s brand new online community Healthy at Home is all about:   
“Healthy At Home Community is for any woman looking to have some accountability to stay on the healthy journey, as well as a host of knowledge so you can always get your questions answered. We have experts in Psychology, Medicine, Nutrition, and Fitness. These 4 modalities, along with a growing community of like minded women, will be your golden ticket to transforming your life to a whole new level and help you continue to stay healthy for years to come! So join us at for our FOUNDER PROMOTION and get 7 days FREE to check out what we have to offer. This promotion is only valid until August 15th so be sure to sign up. Doors open August 8th, 2021.”

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