#139: Get Rid of Your Excuses Once and For All

January 31, 2018

#139: Get Rid of Your Excuses Once and For All

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Have you ever wondered why it seems easier for men to realize their dreams than it does for women? In our society, women are expected to take care of their children, their home, and the people around them while men are supposed to be the providers for the family. And while some cultural societies may be more accepting of women focusing on their career dreams and goals, these expectations still seem to creep up for many ambitious women – often manifesting as excuses for not reaching their goals or achieving their dreams.
As a little girl, my parents taught me to believe in myself and that anything was possible. As I got older, I had the shocking realization that not everyone shares this belief.
In this episode, I tell the story of how I discovered that many ambitious women in business struggle to believe in themselves and how they make excuses that result in not achieving their dreams. I also discuss the impact that society’s expectations have on the mindset of many women in business, my perspective on how not following your dreams can impact and influence the people around you, and the importance of getting rid of your excuses once and for all and begin following your passion and achieving your dreams.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How society plays a role in women’s mindset
  • The importance of making your dreams a priority
  • How achieving your dreams impacts the people around you
  • Why your most important job is figuring out your passion and making it a reality
  • Examining the challenges you need to overcome to become successful
  • Debunking the myth that being a successful entrepreneur is about time, money, and skills

Key Takeaway:

  • It’s never about time, money, or skills. It’s not about whether you live alone, have children, or are married. It’s all about priorities.

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