How I Did My First Six Figure Launch with a New Program with Claudia Nichterl

September 2, 2020

How I Did My First Six Figure Launch with a New Program with Claudia Nichterl
This week I want to share Claudia Nichterl’s story with you. Claudia and I have been working together for a while, and this is the second year she is in my VIP mastermind. 
She is a nutritionist working in Vienna and looks back on 18 years of experience in her field. At first, her business was offline. She was doing one on one consultancies, had her own cooking studio and wrote over 20 books. The workload started to overwhelm her and she felt burned out. 
When Claudia turned 50 years old, she decided to go online. She wanted to be able to scale her work and developed a course for teaching health professionals, moving from serving private clients to professionals. Now, this course is the heart piece of her business. 
However, when she was about to sell this course for the first time, she suddenly got scared. Would people really pay 4500 Euro for it? 
Claudia procrastinated for weeks and had to work a great deal on her mindset, but then she took the step. Within five minutes of sending out her offer, she got a first reply. Somebody was interested in her offer. 
After four weeks, she sold 29 spots, and it was her first 6-figure launch. 
In this episode of the Sigrun Show,  Claudia shares how selling her course for the first time felt, what she did to follow up on her sales and what her goal is for her next launch. 
This episode is full of inspiration for everybody who plans to launch or is already in launch mode. Be sure to listen in! 
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • How and why Claudia took her business online (2:59) 
  • Selling her course for the first time (4:42)
  • What Claudia did on her discovery calls (8:06)
  • Claudia’s big mission (16:22)
  • The moment Claudia knew a six figure launch is possible (17:40)
  • Claudia’s goal for her next launch (19:04)

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