How to Build Your Confidence when Growing Your Business

May 12, 2021

How to Build Your Confidence when Growing Your Business

Having confidence as an online entrepreneur can be crucial to your success. Confidence can make you more motivated and ambitious, but more importantly, it can help you overcome fear and anxiety so you can take action.
This week, I spoke to Nada Lena, founder and CEO of Rise Up For You, about how you can build your confidence so it doesn’t stand in the way of you growing your business. 
If you want to listen to the full interview with Nada Lena, check out the podcast episode here
Nada proposed three steps that can help you boost your confidence.


Understand your own resistance. Are you taking the actions needed to reach your goal, and if not, why? 
Many online entrepreneurs spend lots of time coming up with strategies and ideas, but never implement them. Whether you’re not using video, not investing in yourself, or aren’t following up with your sales – get to the core of why you’re not taking action. 
Nada says that our thoughts and feelings drive our behaviour. Understanding them is the first step in order to change our behaviour from being passive to taking action. 


When online entrepreneurs start putting themselves out there, fear of failure is often right around the corner. Many of us struggle with perfectionist mindsets – we are scared of making a mistake. This fear can be paralysing and lead us to simply stop doing things. 
The reality is: Everyone fails at some point. It’s part of being successful and building a business. What you should be doing is recognise and remember that you’re a human being, not a robot. Jump in, and if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. You’re human. You’ll learn from it. And then you can get up and try again.


Every person on the planet has negative thoughts at some point. The key is how you decide to manage these thoughts. As Nada puts it: It’s ok to let fear into the car, but don’t let that sucker take the wheel. Because the second it does, it will drive you into a wall or go off in a direction you don’t want. Take control over what you know is right, and the action you should be taking. 
Nada says that most of the beliefs and thoughts in our mind don’t actually belong to us. They belong to other people who have projected them onto us. As human beings, we accept them, and can end up behaving according to these beliefs that aren’t even ours. That’s why when you want to be successful, it’s so important to be aware of what is stopping you, be compassionate with yourself when you make a mistake, and understand how to manage negative thoughts. 
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