How to Crush Through Your Internal Glass Ceiling

February 3, 2021

Have you hit an income level in your business you don’t seem able to surpass? Are all your launches at the same level and you’re stuck  growing them? 
I’ve been there. It felt like I hit an invisible glass ceiling that stopped me from achieving my dreams. I didn’t notice it was there until my head hit the glass ceiling.
In his book The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks calls this internal ceiling an upper limit.
It doesn’t matter how successful you are, everyone has an upper limit problem. If you don’t think you have it, you might just haven’t hit yours yet. And if you’ve hit a ceiling and gone through it, another ceiling will be waiting for you as you go on. 
In the last 7 years I’ve made over $8M and in January 2021 alone, I made another million in revenue. Growing my revenue year after year has made me crush one internal glass ceiling after the other.
In this episode, I share the strategies I’ve used to crush my own internal glass ceilings, and what you can do to crush yours.
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Are you more of a reader? Scroll down to read about how you can crush your own internal glass ceilings!

What you will get out of this episode:

  • Glass ceilings and how they limit you (1:45)
  • The glass ceilings I encountered along the way and how I crushed them (4:09) 
  • My biggest glass ceiling so far – and what I learned from it (12:16) 
  • Crushing the million dollar launch glass ceiling (29:54)
  • What I did to to grow in the last months (32:33)
  • The big effect of the big upgrade (40:13)
  • The four barriers in your upper limit (46:52)

Want to dive deeper? Find out how you can detect and work through your upper limit. 

Identifying and Crushing Your Internal Glass Ceiling

Many of my high end clients come to me when they get stuck at a certain income level or aren’t able to grow their launches. What holds them back is their internal glass ceiling. 
In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks explains that everyone of us has an internal thermostat for how much success, wealth, happiness, and love we let ourselves experience. It’s our internal glass ceiling – or upper limit setting – and we tend to set this thermostat low early on in our lives. 
Later, as we dream about big goals and move above our old thermostat setting, we bump against the artificial lid that was placed on our success through unconscious childhood decisions. 
Unless we solve the upper limit problem, we’ll keep finding ways to bring ourselves back down when we’ve blown past our old setting. In other words, the invisible glass ceiling is stopping us from achieving our dreams. 
Gay Hendricks identified four barriers within the upper limit: 

The belief that we are fundamentally flawed

If we carry this feeling within us, we sabotage our success because we think we’re essentially bad. If something good happens, we must mess up to offset it, because good things can’t happen to bad people. 

The belief that by succeeding, we are being disloyal to and leaving behind people 

If we harbour this feeling, we sabotage our success because we think it’s disloyal to our roots to soar too far into the stratosphere. 

The belief that we are a burden in the world

If we carry this feeling inside us, we sabotage our success so that we won’t be a bigger burden. 

The belief that we must dim the bright lights of our brilliance so that we won’t outshine others

 If we hold this feeling inside us, we tend to hold ourselves back from expressing the full potential of our innate genius.
Since these are all limiting beliefs your mind has created, it’s your mind that can change them, too.  Here’s how you crush your upper limit: 

  • Acknowledge the upper limit (I even say Hi to it and make fun of it)
  • Breath when you feel fear. Fear can be transformed into excitement by breathing. 
  • Turn worry into a positive idea. Shift your focus away from the worrying and instead think of the positive new thing that is coming into being. 
  • Expand positive feelings. Think of the good things in your life and give them your full attention. Let yourself enjoy them as long as you possibly can. 

Growing my revenue year after year has made me crush one internal ceiling after the other, but that’s the thing with glass ceilings: As soon as you’ve gone through one, another will be waiting for you as you go on.
I expect my next big glass ceiling to be a 8 figure year but that is still a few years away and until then I will keep working on the smaller glass ceilings that pop up now and then.
What is your internal glass ceiling, and how do you intend to crush it? Send me a DM and let me know!

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