How to Design Your Future with Rachel Luna

June 30, 2020

How to Design Your Future with Rachel Luna
Have you ever envisioned something that then came true? 
Everything I achieved so far, I have envisioned first. I truly believe in the method of envisioning where I want to be to then be able to get there. 
Rachel Luna, my guest on the Sigrun Show this week, has specialised in designing her future by envisioning it first, and she does so through journaling. 
Rachel had to go through tremendous struggles to get to where she is today. Both of her parents died of AIDS, she battled eating disorders when she was in her teens and in 2006, she was overweight, $40k in debt, and had just found out that her boyfriend of three years was happily married to another woman. 
The rug was pulled out from under her feet and she hit rock bottom. But not for the first time in her life, she had an awakening moment and knew she couldn’t go on like this. She hired a life coach who told her that with her story, she could help other people and become a life coach herself. 
Her faith had always been a pillar for Rachel, but she knew it wasn’t enough. She needed to take action and discovered journaling. Within 18 months of writing and drawing how she wanted her life to be like, she met and married her husband, had her first daughter and was financially secure. 
In this episode, Rachel shares her personal story, the process she uses to manifest her goals and dreams in her journals, and what she does when things don’t work out. 
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If you’re in need of some true inspiration, this episode is right down your alley.

What you will get out of this episode:

    • When Rachel hit rock bottom (4:00) 
    • Rachel’s two journals (14:02)
    • The 3 step process to envision your goals in a journal (18:59)
    • Rachel’s journaling routine and what she does when things don’t work out (24:37)
    • Adding physical movement to your journaling (27:20)
    • Designing your future in times of crisis (28:20)
    • What you can do besides journaling to not get stuck with negative thoughts (30:18)

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The 3 Step Process to Design Your Future Through Journaling

There’s a difference between keeping a diary to emote your feelings and journaling to manifest your goals. Rachel Luna’s advice is to keep moving forward as if what you’ve asked for has already been granted, and this is how she writes and draws in her journal.  She has successfully tested her method on hundreds of her students and here, reveals the three steps on how to use your journal to eventually design your future. 


Get a journal and start writing. Write anything, even if you think journaling is a waste of time, you don’t know where to begin, or you think you’re too busy. The key is to allow journaling to have its moment, give it attention and keep at it. 


Shift from writing your thoughts to adding gratitude into your practice. You have to be grateful for what you have right now if you want to have anything more than what you’ve already got. 
It’s ok to want more, but you still have to acknowledge that you have more than most. Begin this step by making a shift statement: 
a) I’m so grateful and excited now that … 
b) Even though all of this has happened, I’m so grateful because now, …
This helps your subconscious brain get into agreement with the fact that you recognise that some of what you’re about to write isn’t your reality yet, but you’re excited and hopeful. 


Script your vision and goals as if they already happened. Why? Because when you start writing like this, your ego doesn’t want to be proven wrong. The subconscious is always looking for evidence to bring to life the things that you desire. Once you write it down, it will prompt you into action.
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