How to Get Featured in Forbes in 2021 with Selena Soo

March 31, 2021

How to Get Featured in Forbes in 2021 with Selena Soo
Are you wondering how you can get more media coverage and visibility for your business? Even get featured in publications like Forbes? 
My friend Selena Soo is a PR expert and the go-to person when it comes to landing publicity for your business. She helped me get featured in Forbes last year, which has really boosted my visibility and brand awareness.
In this interview, Selena is sharing some of her best strategies to get you and your business press coverage. We talk about how to approach the media, the elements of a great story idea, and how you can get featured in Forbes in 2021. 
If you want to be seen as an expert, gain more visibility and understand how to catch the media’s interest, don’t miss out on this conversation!
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If you’re more of a reader, scroll down to read about the key elements to get featured in Forbes in 2021.

What you will get out of this episode:

  • Finding the Oprah of your industry (3:06)
  • The first steps to get featured in Forbes (3:57)
  • The three elements of a great story idea (6:59) 
  • Who and how to pitch (11:25) 
  • The right time for making your pitch (19:11)
  • How the publication process works (21:45)
  • What to do once your article is published (22:50)

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Key Elements to Get Featured in Forbes in 2021

By preparing your story idea and overall pitch well, you can increase your chances of getting featured in Forbes – or any other big publication. Here are Selena’s key elements to preparing your best pitch yet: 

Your Topic

First, get clear on the general topic you want to pitch on. As an entrepreneur, there are topics you want to be seen as an expert in. Identify what your topic is. 

Your Story Idea

Move on to your story idea. Consider these three elements when brainstorming your idea: 

  • Propose a timely story. There are a million stories out there. Why would the media choose to tell yours right now? 
  • Give value to other people. How is your story going to make someone’s life better? 
  • Consider an emotional charge. Has your story the potential to surprise or shock? 

For your story idea to be successful, aim to include at least one of these elements. 

Your Pitch

Once you have decided on your expert topic and story idea, you can go ahead and create your pitch. 

  1. Go to the website of the publication you want to pitch to. Click on the articles that are related to your expertise and find out who wrote them. These are the contributors you want to pitch to. 
  2. Start your pitch on a warm and friendly note. Mention that you understand what the publication is about and that you enjoyed a particular article. With a bit of effort, you can give your pitch an unique approach that doesn’t feel like a copy/paste outreach. 
  3. Explain who you are in two to three sentences and highlight your credibility by pointing out the results of your clients or if you’ve already been in the media. Show that you truly are the expert you claim to be. 
  4. Propose your story ideas. Share a headline and a brief description of what you would cover in your story. 
  5. Show flexibility and mention that you’re open to suggest other ideas around your topics of expertise. 

In most cases the contributor writes the article, but the more meat you can provide and the easier you make it for someone to pick your story idea, the better are your chances to get featured in publications like Forbes. 
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