How to Help the People of Ukraine Today

February 25, 2022

Instead of feeling helpless there are ways you can help.

1. Speak up

A war has started.
It’s not business as usual.
It’s time to turn off the automation.
It’s time speak up and show that you care.
Even if your voice shakes, speak up!
The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives.
They need our support.
They need you to speak up.
They need you to share resources.
They need you to give to organisations that can help.
Even if your voice shakes, speak up!!
This doesn’t mean that you should close your business.
This doesn’t mean that you cannot market your programs.
This doesn’t mean that you cannot sell your services again.
Stopping everything would do the world a disservice.
Stopping your business would be loss for everyone.
Stopping would give the perpetrator ammunition.
But for a moment… take a pause.

Even if your voice shakes, speak up!!!
The first thing you can do to help the people of Ukraine is to speak up.

Ukrainian girl carrying the Ukrainian flag


2. Support charitable organisations on the ground

People in Need
This is one of the most respectable organisations in the Czech Republic and they are now focusing their efforts on helping Ukraine on the ground.

Red Cross
The International Committee of the RED CROSS is helping people affected by the conflict and is supporting the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Doctors without borders
The work of the Doctors without borders in Ukraine has been focused on the pandemic and the Eastern Region.

Razom was originally founded in 2014 to support Ukrainians after Russia annexed Crimea. Now, the volunteer organization is on the ground providing relief for soldiers and doctors on the frontlines.

United Help Ukraine
Nonprofit volunteer organization that distributes medical supplies, food, and donations to Ukrainian people and refugees on the ground in Ukraine, as well as, supports Ukrainian families who have lost soldiers to war.

Provides safe drinking water, nutrition, sanitation and protection for children and families caught in the conflict in Ukraine.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
The international organization aims to provide emergency assistance to families in Ukraine — providing aid such as cash assistance and opportunities for resettlement in the U.S.

UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund is one of the UN’s country-based pooled funds. Contributions are collected into a single, unearmarked fund and managed locally under UN leadership.

3. Help children in need

Voices of Children
Charitable Foundation Voices of Children helps children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine. They provide psychological and psychosocial support to children to help them overcome the consequences of armed conflict.
Save the Children
Since 2014 Save the Children Ukraine branch has provided lifesaving interventions across Eastern Ukraine. They support the basic needs of the most vulnerable families, proving food, shelter, coal, multi-purpose cash grants, clothing and medicine.

4. Support free press

Ukrainian News in English
Support free press from the front lines by donating to Kyiv Independent, either through GoFundMe or Patreon.


5. Support Ukrainian defence

Come Back Alive
You can directly contribute to the Ukrainian Army in various currencies through an organisation called Save Life in Ukraine.


6. Other ways to support Ukrainian people directly

Purchase digital products via Etsy from Ukrainian sellers
You can find sellers by filtering for the shop location and searching for “digital downloads”. These products can be recipes, knitting, crocheting or cross-stitching patterns, journal pages, clip art or printable wall arts, ….just to mention a few.
  1. Search “digital files” on
  2. Click the “All Filters” button and scroll down to “Country.”
  3. Under “Custom,” enter Ukraine.
AirBnb describes ways how they can use funds to accommodate Ukrainian people in the neighbourhood countries. Or people can also offer a place to stay via the website.

Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence to check that the sellers, service providers are real.

Instead of sending money to charities, you can also choose to order goods online and get them delivered to a charity warehouse in Poland managed by Malgorzata Lenart. Get in touch with the organisers here:
(On the website swipe to the right to get more info.)

7. Resources and charities recommended by our clients

Official site of the Polish government connecting people who need help with those who can help.
Caritas International – German branch
Caritas Germany supports the refugee aid of the Caritas associations in Poland, Slovenia, Moldova and Romania . The on-site helpers provide the people seeking protection with food and drinking water. They also provide emergency shelters and laundry facilities.   Adults and children who need to be spoken to receive psychosocial care. Caritas Germany will also support emergency aid for refugees in neighboring countries.
ADRA organisation
Supporting the people of Ukraine with financial assistance.
“Financial donations are and will be used to directly help people affected by the conflict, especially to meet the basic needs of displaced and evacuated people.”
Help people with disabilities
One of our clients, Mareike, compiled a list of organisations that are also focusing on Ukrainian people with disabilities.

More links will be added to this article if and when needed.
If you know of respectable and reliable resources or charities then you are welcome to email us at and we might include it in our list.

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