How to Think Big in Your Business

October 8, 2015

What can you do to think big in your (small) business?
The first thing that helps me to think big is having role models. Someone who is a few steps ahead of me and also someone who is much further ahead, so far ahead that I don’t even dare to talk to them at this point. Think about how you can learn from the very best in your industry; as an example, when Tony Robbins wanted to learn to play golf he hired the best golf teacher. To think big you need to be inspired by something or somebody and while you are growing your business that person is probably the leader in your industry. When you become the leader in your industry you will still seek inspiration from somewhere else, most likely leaders from other industries.
The second thing that helps me to think big is to be part of a mastermind. By being in a mastermind with people who share your ambition for personal and professional growth you’ll be encouraged to think big. The mastermind will push you out of your comfort zone and keep you accountable for taking action. If you are not in a mastermind right now, go and find one right now!
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The third thing is to have a vision and track your goals, ideally on a daily basis. Thinking big is relative to where you are in your life and business so sometimes thinking big is just about making that phone call, sending that email or reaching out to someone e.g. a leader in your industry.
When I look back, I have, on several occasions, taken a big step out of my comfort zone. Even though in hindsight, the steps seemed to be small, they were huge for me at the time.
Here are few examples that are all related to how I got jobs in the past:

  • once it was a phone call that lead to me being hired a CEO
  • once it was walking up to and talking to a leader that also lead to a job offer,
  • and once it applying for a job by writing a business plan although I was told there was no job available… I got the job.

Three things I recommend you do to think big in your (small) business:

  1. Find your role models and study them
  2. Join a mastermind with ambitious entrepreneurs
  3. Create a vision and track your goals on a daily basis

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