It’s not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity with Lisa Fabrega

June 24, 2020

It’s not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity with Lisa FabregaHave you ever felt stuck? I certainly have, and in my 7 years of business I learned that in most cases, it’s because something that is going on in your head is holding you back. 
Feeling stuck can take on many forms. You might not be able to grow your revenue year after year. You feel that the work you do doesn’t represent you. Or a negative comment on social media nags at you for weeks, slowing you down and killing your momentum. 
Lisa Fabrega is an expert in helping her clients identify what limits their capacities. She started her business as a health coach in 2010. Soon she realised that she wasn’t really talking to her clients about their food habits, but rather what caused these habits. She attracted entrepreneurs and business owners who came to her because of the inner work she was doing, and soon her waitlists became endless. 
In 2015, she started to feel burned out and believed she had to change her business model in order to deal with the stress she experienced. Instead of continuing to only cater to her high end clients, she created a $97 program that was for everyone, thinking this would solve her problem of feeling overwhelmed. Instead, she ended up creating a $100’000 business debt. 
In this episode of the Sigrun Show, Lisa shares how she thought that pursuing a different strategy would guarantee her business success, and how she realised that she should have listened to her intuition instead. She talks about how she started working on her capacities and recovered her business, and how now she focuses on helping her clients expand their capacity to get over their own mental roadblocks. 
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“When I would get a negative comment, it used to slay me for weeks. Now I don’t really care anymore, because I’ve built my capacity to be able to handle it.” – Lisa Fabrega” username=”sigruncom”]
If you ever felt something is holding you back from moving forward and achieving your goals and you can’t really place what it is, this episode will enlighten you.

What you will get out of this episode:

    • How Lisa became a leadership expert (2:36) 
    • The different types of capacity (6:57)
    • How to expand your container of capacity (9:39)
    • Assessing your capacity areas and identify problems (12:07)
    • How capacity can help you navigate calmly in a crisis (18:08)
    • The Nr. 1 capacity most people have problems with and why women struggle more (21:40)
    • The female Gary V’s (23:00)

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What Is Holding You Back? How to Identify Your Capacity Issue

When something is holding you back, it’s sometimes hard to understand what exactly the cause is. Lisa Fabrega says that the start of solving a problem is diagnosing it correctly. She advises everyone who feels they have a capacity issue to be very honest with themselves. Try to identify what the real problem is and where you’re struggling in the following six areas: 

Money capacity

Has your revenue stayed the same year after year? Are you constantly hitting a plateau? Or maybe you hired somebody who costs too much money and drains your resources, even though you could have hired someone who is a better fit? If the answer to such questions is yes, that’s a red flag for a money capacity issue. 

Visibility capacity

Are there parts of you that you are hiding in your work because you fear people might not like you or people will unsubscribe from your newsletter or list? Understanding and showing who you are is a big part of finding your ideal client. When your branding doesn’t represent who you really are, your clients will get confused. Remember that the parts you are hiding are often the ones that make you the most money in your business. 

Purpose capacity

There is one simple question that helps you discover if you have a purpose capacity issue: Do you really think that what you’re meant to do on this earth with your work is fully reflected by the work you are doing right now? Don’t keep on doing work you don’t feel aligned with. 

Embodiment capacity

How emotionally affected are you by difficult clients, nasty comments, push backs, or disagreements? Emotions can affect the growth in our business. When you feel hurt or embarrassed or ashamed, it will slow you down, not make you take action and hurt your revenue. 

Structural capacity

Do you have the foundations and structures (in other words, your team or virtual assistant) in place right now that you will need in five years? Allow other people to do things that are pulling your time away from growing. Only like this will you get to where you want to be. 

Boundary capacity

This isn’t about whether the boundaries you have right now are working for you or not. Think five years ahead, and envision the woman you are going to be with the boundaries you have in place right now. If you are going to become this woman, you need to have the boundaries she will have in the future. 
Did you identify with one of the capacity areas above? Let me know if this episode helped you nail down what limits your own capacities. You can follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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