#204: Key Lessons From Recording 200 Episodes in 10 Months

July 2, 2018

#204: Key Lessons From Recording 200 Episodes in 10 Months

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Launching a podcast is a big project. It takes time, dedication, and commitment to decide why you want to start a podcast and figure out your content strategy and schedule so you can consistently deliver high-value content to your audience.
By the time you launch your show and reach 200 episodes, you often have a lot of experience under your belt and lessons you can share with others who are considering launching their own podcast.
In this episode, I share some of the key takeaways from recording 200 episodes in 10 months. I explain why planning your podcast content strategy and release schedule is critical to successfully launching a podcast, how hiring a team can help you focus more on creating high-value content your listeners will love, and how you can repurpose your podcast content to share on social media platforms. I also explain the importance of promoting your show to expand your audience, how podcasting has helped me grow and nurture my email list, as well as how it has impacted my business and helped me reach my goals.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The importance of planning your podcast content and release schedule
  • Why you should hire a podcast team
  • How to repurpose old blog posts, newsletters, and webinars
  • The importance of promoting your podcast to grow your audience
  • How a podcast can help you build relationships and nurture your email list
  • How a podcast helps you build relationships with influential experts in your field
  • How to get the most value from each episode you record by repurposing your podcast content

Key Takeaways From Recording 200 Podcast Episodes:

  1. Good things take time.
  2. Hire a team.
  3. Repurpose previous content.
  4. Remember to market your podcast.
  5. A podcast launch can fuel your program launches.
  6. Treat your podcast as a nurturing tool to build relationships.
  7. Think of your podcast as a networking tool.
  8. Conferences are a great way to find new guest speakers for your show.
  9. Repurpose your podcast content.
  10. Podcasting is a great way to market your business.

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