#238: [Client Case Study] How I Took a Leap of Faith and Created My First Online Course with Sandra Djukanovic-Wolbers

September 19, 2018

#238: [Client Case Study] How I Took a Leap of Faith and Created My First Online Course with Sandra Djukanovic-Wolbers

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Sandra Djukanovic-Wolbers is a leadership coach who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers take their leadership skills to the next level while improving their lives and the lives of their team. She helps high-achieving leaders learn strategies to manage stress, increase productivity, and create an environment that encourages inspiration, motivation, and visualization that will move the needle and push their business forward.
Sandra joins me for this Client Case Study episode to share how taking a leap of faith and creating her first online course allowed her to finally gain a sense of freedom, enjoyment, and excitement for her entrepreneurial journey while building her dream business. She explains how she quit her full-time job to become a freelancer and how she changed her mindset to build a successful online business. She also shares how her money mindset and limiting beliefs were preventing her from achieving her goals and launching her online course sooner, how she overcame those mindset challenges, and how believing in herself has impacted the growth of her business.
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In This Client Case Study Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Sandra quit her full-time job to become a freelancer
  • The biggest challenge she faced as a freelancer
  • How she identified her ideal client
  • What inspired her to finally launch her first online course
  • How taking a leap of faith impacted her self-confidence
  • How money mindset and limiting beliefs prevented her from launching her online course sooner – and how she overcame them
  • How finally launching her first online course enabled her to start envisioning the future of her business
  • Her goals for scaling her business to work internationally

Connect with Sandra:

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