The Live Launch Revolution Explained with Kelly Roach

March 4, 2020

The Live Launch Revolution Explained with Kelly Roach

Launching a new product costs time and money. When your launch fails, it can send you into doubting your whole business. 
Kelly Roach knows all about failed launches. She has made a name for herself as a business growth strategist helping business owners become game changers in their field. She is an international best-selling author and is a featured expert on ABC, NBC and Fox. Here, she speaks about her failures, the birth of her Live Launch method and why entrepreneurs should shift their mindset when it comes to launching. 

From College Kid to Youngest Senior Vice President

Kelly Roach grew up as one of five kids. Her father worked for a nonprofit, her mother was at home with the kids. “We struggled financially quite a bit, constantly. I remember growing up how my parents always fought about money. Every month they had to ask themselves: Are we going to be able to make it?”
The second Kelly was old enough to work, she took on three jobs. She didn’t want to live like her parents had and have the same struggles. She cleaned the dance studio, was a waitress, taught aerobic classes, did babysitting and became an NFL cheerleader. “I grew up doing high level competitive dance and ended up becoming a cheerleader in the professional football league. During that time, I fell in love with interacting with people and being live on camera, performing and challenging myself.” 
Kelly decided to get into communications and went on to work in a Fortune 500 company. “I was the first one in, the last one out, every day. I was promoted seven times in eight years. In eight years, I went from a college kid, 21 years old, who knew nothing about business and sales, to the youngest senior vice president in the company. I was managing a team of a hundred people, partly people who were my parents’ age.”
That’s when she became obsessed with business growth strategy. “I fell in love with teaching and coaching people because I had seen over and over again that if you breathe confidence, success and belief into people, they can do things that they didn’t even believe themselves they could do.”
Kelly never dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but she kept asking herself how she could create the life she wants with the skills she has. She knew that she loved to teach, and quickly understood that she was good at it, too. “I started off coaching one-to-one. There’s no shortcut, you do the work. I’ve been at it since 2012, and now sitting here today, I have a multimillion dollar company. We have a team of 20 full-time employees now. I can’t even believe it.” 
Kelly never wanted to experience again what it felt like to not have enough money, and wanted to dedicate her life to helping other people never having to make that experience. “That’s really the premise of everything that I do and it’s the why behind it.”

Making a Difference in the World

Through it all, Kelly remained driven by the fact that she wanted to make a difference in the world. “Growing up, a lot of people helped us out. So one of my big desires in building my business is to make a difference in the world. We started off last year and changed the business model to be a one-for-one giving model where for every person we’re working with, we make a donation.” 
But that wasn’t enough. Kelly thought she could make an even bigger impact and started her own foundation, The Human Family Foundation. “It’s our own way of raising funds through our own donations, by taking a percentage of every dollar we make and putting it in there, and then we are able to help with crises around the world.”
The foundation’s first major project was building a well in Malawi. “My vision is to be able to send planes around the world with food and deliver supplies. If there’s a bad hurricane or an international crisis, I want our business to be something that is self-sustained, self-funded, where we can use our foundation to go out and really make a big difference in the world.” 
Her vision goes hand in hand with another project Kelly is doing, a book called Give Her Courage which she started writing in 2016. “I always knew that I wanted to focus on kids. Coaching entrepreneurs, I see every day that it’s courage, confidence and the mindset and belief about yourself that ultimately drive your success or failure.” 
Even if she gives people the best strategy in the world, Kelly says, without courage and confidence, the execution will not happen. “I want to help children come up with that courage and confidence, because these are skills that can be built. I want to instill those qualities especially in girls to help them have the belief, the self-worth, the leadership skills and the mindset to be able to go out and accomplish their dreams.” 

The Birth of the Live Launch Method

Building her business, Kelly learned what it means to fail. “When I wanted to grow my business, I started taking all the courses and all the programs and implemented everything I learned. I really tried all these methodologies, but nothing was working. If you want the playbook on failed launches, I could write it.” 
Kelly’s launches weren’t generating any sales, and she kept reverting back to selling through consultations. “Consultations are fine, but you can’t scale a multimillion dollar global enterprise on one-to-one consultations.” She decided to get rid of all her automations. “I got rid of the webinars, I stopped doing prerecorded videos. I wanted to do everything live to get rid of the barrier between me and my audience.” 
Having a background in a Fortune 500 company, Kelly was used to going to 20-30 businesses a day, meeting with someone and sealing the deal. “I was used to being belly to belly with people, face to face. I knew how to run a sales conversation and I was doing million dollar deals. It became clear to me that I needed to go back to my roots. I need to get back to actively interacting with people.”
Her team and her pulled out what worked and let go of what didn’t. That’s how the Live Launch was born. “It’s a massive simplification of everything that you ever learned about launching. It allows people to use their intuition because they’re performing live. They can ask their audience questions and answer questions in turn. They create rapport, relationship and community.”
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Raving Fans

Kelly says that this is the big win when using her Live Launch method. “It’s about creating relationships. When people go through your launch, you’re focused on creating wonder and awe in them. Then you give them an instant breakthrough. You’re going to get people to take action and they will make progress they’ve never made before.”
What follows is a no brainer offer. “You’re going to serve the heck out of them, the exact opposite of what most people have seen and felt in launches they’ve been through before, because you’re going to make a massive difference for them. You’ll make them turn into raving fans for life. Then when it’s time, you’re going to open up an invitation. By the time you do that, you already have people taking action on your method and getting results working with you for free. It’s an easy, obvious next step for them to start working with you.”
Kelly also calls the Live Launch the ‘cold to close in 10 days’ method. “You have your five to six days of selling where you’re still adding value, you’re still making a difference for them, but you’re consistently weaving in that invitation. Then you have to reveal the four pillars of what you’re teaching. What are the four big things that someone has to know about your method?” 
People always worry about giving or revealing too much, Kelly says. “But here’s the thing: There’s a huge difference between giving people information in a public setting, interacting and answering some questions and getting them to take that beginning step versus working with you over a period of time to implement your method and generate the results and outcomes that come with it.” 
With the Live Launch method, you can teach and serve without worrying that you’re giving away too much and people won’t buy anymore. “It’s going to have the opposite effect. The number one thing that catapulted my business over the last year and a half from the brand being recognized in the market to becoming an influential leader in the coaching space is not so much the clients we gained from the Live Launch. It’s the brand that we built because people see me and they see my team as people with hearts of serving. They trust us. Our reputation precedes us.” 

Sell in Order to Serve

Kelly believes that in order to receive better results, entrepreneurs should shift their mindset around launching. “Using launches to grow your business is not wrong. But what if you would focus on making every person who goes through the launch fall in love with your brand and get transformational results from going through this experience? This really makes the difference between getting one sale or 10 sales. If people love your brand, they become ambassadors for it and spread awareness for you.” However, it’s important to clearly articulate the difference between what you’re doing in your launch and what’s going to happen once someone is inside the program. “If the difference isn’t clear, you’re going to have a hard time selling it.” 
Kelly’s goal is to get people away from the old launch model of being passive and becoming an active participant instead. “When people experience a mindset shift  and start generating new results because of the message you give them through your launch, they’re going to stick with you.” 
She often sees entrepreneurs making a great effort on the information and education part of the launch and then a weak effort on the sales part. “I challenge them to go back and evaluate the last launch they made and ask themselves if they showed up with the same level of certainty and conviction in their sales follow through as they did in the initial teaching lessons. Often, there’s a total breakdown there.” 
If you can’t sell, you’re not serving, Kelly says. “The selling is what leads you to doing the real work with people. You have to have that conviction around the sales follow through.” 

Train Yourself in Launching

Most entrepreneurs launch once or twice a year and then wonder why they’ve been in business five years and are still struggling to get their launch style, Kelly says. That’s why she teaches how to launch 6 to 8 times a year. “I want people to train for their business like an athlete trains for their sport. I want them to practice their craft, get good on camera, nail their sales pitch. Most people don’t launch often enough to get really good at it. That’s a problem, because then they think that they’re failing.”
Kelly too got to the point where she thought launching doesn’t work for her. “But I think there’s something to be said for understanding how long it takes to master the skill of launching effectively. I had lots of launches that were $0. I had launches that were $10,000. It took me from 2012 until 2019 to do a $1 million launch. Had I been doing more launches more frequently, it never would have taken me this long to learn it.”

Episode Bonus

If you want to hear more from Kelly, check out her Unstoppable Success Radio with over 500 episodes. You can also connect with her through her Facebook group, the Tribe of Unstoppables, where she runs a free Live Launch workshop every six to eight weeks. 

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