#95: Mastermind Programs 2018

October 26, 2017

Mastermind Programs 2018

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more successful in business than others? Some believe it’s due to how each person markets their products or services while others may simply attribute their success to having a lot of luck. The truth is that luck has very little to do with your success and although hard work, proper planning, and a great marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals, these are not the only factors that lead to your success. After running over 20 mastermind programs in the last two years, I have learned that the secret to success is participating in mastermind programs.
In this episode, I share why joining a mastermind program is critical to the success of your business. I also explain what each of my mastermind groups have to offer, what’s included in each of my groups and programs, and how you can apply make your 2018 your best year yet!

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How the Momentum Mastermind group was born
  • Number of spots currently available for Momentum Mastermind 2018
  • Who the Momentum Mastermind group is for, what to expect, and what’s included
  • What is the Accelerator Mastermind group, who it is for, and what to expect from the program
  • Who typically joins the VIP Mastermind program and what to expect from the program
  • What to expect from the Mastermind Retreat: Zurich event
  • How Mastermind Day Zurich began
  • What to expect, what’s included, and who can join Mastermind Day Zurich 2018 and Mastermind Day San Diego 2018

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