#164: How to Maximize Your Impact through Facebook Video Ads with Rick Mulready

March 30, 2018

#164: How to Maximize Your Impact through Facebook Video Ads with Rick Mulready

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Rick Mulready is a Facebook ads expert, the creator of The Facebook Advantage and The Facebook Advantage Local training courses, and the host of the podcasts Art of Paid Traffic and Inside Social Media. He helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their online marketing. He has over 18 years of experience working in the online marketing and advertising field which allows him to base his Facebook ad programs on years of testing and case studies from his personal experience and those of his clients’.
In this episode, Rick joins me to share how you can maximize your impact on Facebook through Facebook video ads. He shares the importance of a video series in the customer journey, how to have an excellent user experience and good engagement during a Facebook live event, and the different tools you can use to create ads on Facebook.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Facebook videos connect more with the audience compared to an image
  • How you can lead the customer journey through videos
  • The advantage of doing Facebook live vs. a simple video ad
  • How to set expectations for sharing content
  • The pros and cons of answering questions during a Facebook live
  • How to re-target your audience
  • Why some Facebook ads keep showing up
  • What the relevant score is and why it’s significant in your marketing
  • What negative feedback is and how it’s different from the relevant score
  • The different ways to advertise on Facebook
  • The advantage of using messenger for marketing
  • What earnings per lead is and how to calculate it

Key Takeaways:

  1. What Facebook wants to be doing with the algorithm is creating a good user experience because without its users, there’s no advertising.
  2. Let the stats dictate what your next actions are. Let the results dictate what’s going on.
  3. When the ads are more useful and more relevant, they are going to get higher priority in the news feed versus the ones with a low relevance score.

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