Minimalist Marketing and How to Use It in Your Business

May 4, 2021

Minimalist Marketing and How to Use It in Your Business

Marketing experts have been telling us over and over again that consistency is key – that creating consistent content is the only way to get out there and be successful. However, Ellen Yin, entrepreneur and host of the Cubicle to CEO podcast, thinks we are applying consistency to the wrong area. 
She is fascinated by minimalist marketing, or in other words: Being intentional with what you choose to do in your business from a marketing point of view. Here, she shares her top three tips on applying a minimalist marketing strategy for your business.
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Picking the right strategy

A lot of people try to adapt strategies from blogs, podcasts, and different courses without stopping to think: Does the strategy apply to the business model that I am scaling, and has the person who is teaching the strategy scaled their business the way I want to grow my business? 
For example, a strategy that is designed to grow your course doesn’t necessarily help you when you’re working one-on-one. Before you try out a new marketing strategy, make sure it is the right one to grow your business. 

Driving traffic to your content

Don’t post on your social media every day just to tick off a box. Ellen likes to imagine Instagram as a road, and followers as cars driving by. Every time you post, it’s like putting up a billboard on the side of the road. If three cars drive by every day, it doesn’t matter whether you have 1000 or five billboards. The effect will be the same.
Ellen says people get caught up on the content hamster wheel, but forget that creating content is just the first step. It’s about driving the right traffic to the content. If you only post two quality posts and focus the rest of your effort on driving your ideal client to your content, you can get 1000 cars to drive down your road, with only two billboards. It will have more impact on your business instead of putting one post after the other out there for the sake of quantity. 

Evergreen content and connecting with your audience

When creating content, Ellen advises to focus on evergreen content that educates your audience, crushes their objections, and has the power to pre-sell them. Consistently connecting with your audience is more important than consistently putting out content. If you connect with people every day, they will see your quality evergreen content, and it’s this kind of content that will prompt them to eventually turn into a lead. 
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