#225: How Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Can Triple Their Income Within Weeks with Esther de Charon

August 20, 2018

#225: How Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Can Triple Their Income Within Weeks with Esther de Charon

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Esther de Charon is the Wonderfully Weird Branding Queen and founded a powerful movement for fiercely bright, sensitive, multi-passionate, ambitious female entrepreneurs. She is passionate about helping women turn their uniqueness and authenticity into the focal point of building a profitable business and brand and creating an environment of inclusivity where everyone is seen and represented.
Esther shares how her rocky path to entrepreneurship inspired her to help other multi-passionate women overcome their fears and become successful entrepreneurs. She talks about some of the breakthrough moments that happened along her journey, from realizing that she needed a coach to a comment from someone on social media. She also explains how she came to realize that her fear that entrepreneurship would hamper her creativity was unwarranted.
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“We very often think, especially when you have this creative mind, that being an entrepreneur is killing your art part or your creative part, and it’s not.” – Esther de Charon” username=”sigruncom”]

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Esther became an entrepreneur
  • The pros, cons, and vast possibilities of online entrepreneurship
  • How she acquired clients when she was uncertain of what her business was
  • The lightbulb moment when she realized she needed a coach
  • How she realized that she was working for a very specific audience
  • Creating products or services that meet your clients’ needs
  • How she found her “hook”
  • How finding her hook helped her triple her income within weeks
  • Why finding your hook can be difficult to do on your own
  • Advice for multi-passionate women who are stuck in “creation mode”
  • Overcoming the fear that entrepreneurship will hamper your creativity
  • Why being an entrepreneur is the most spiritual thing she has ever done
  • Why you need a big vision that acts as your north star
  • Why multi-passionate women often overlook signs and are always looking for “the next best thing”

Connect with Esther de Charon:

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