#343: How NLP Can Help You Set Boundaries and Facilitate Breakthroughs in Your Business with Jen Casey

October 2, 2019

How NLP Can Help You Set Boundaries and Facilitate Breakthroughs in Your Business with Jen Casey

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Jen Casey is an NLP Certified Master Coach and business strategist who has a passion for helping online coaches and network marketers experience success by shifting the way they perceive themselves, their circumstances, and their business. She created her signature program to equip others to show up and be the bold and effective business leaders they long to be. Jen hosts the Inner Boss Podcast, where she interviews guests who experience great financial rewards doing the things they love.
Jen joins me today to share how she uses NLP in setting boundaries for herself and her clients as she paves the way for client breakthroughs. She dives into the significance of shifting people’s beliefs and how she does it to get positive and impactful results for her clients. Jen also shares how to save yourself and your team from a lot of frustration during a group coaching and shares a personal, life-changing story she experienced during one of the masterclass programs she attended in the past.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Jen’s journey from musical theater to network marketing to business coaching.
  • Identifying the right time to transition careers.
  • How successful people have the zest and courage to take crazy amounts of action for the work they do.
  • What inspired her to get NLP certified and how NLP helped her coach her clients better.
  • How your language and the picture in your mind affect the results you get.
  • Looking at entrepreneurs’ “overwhelm” problems from a different perspective to make the issue solvable.
  • How to create different meanings to your physiological responses.
  • Why people don’t succeed in what they do.
  • How she helps her clients differentiate facts from their beliefs.
  • Distinguishing your responsibility as a coach.
  • How to better serve your clients by creating boundaries and teaching them how to do it.
  • What to do if you feel uncomfortable about setting boundaries for yourself.

Connect with Jen Casey:

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