How to Offer a High-End Coaching Program with Merel Kriegsman

July 22, 2020

How to Offer a High-End Coaching Program with Merel Kriegsman
Ten years ago, Merel was an opera singer, performing on big stages across Europe. However, the little pay she received left her frustrated. Together with her husband, who was a singer like her, they decided to quit and generate their income in another way. 
Merel wanted to do something that would educate her as well as support her family, and chose to set up a business as a copywriter. This allowed her and her husband to live wherever they wanted. They took over her husband’s parents’ 180 acre farm in the Canadian countryside, while both working on Merel’s copywriting business. 
But then, Merel helped a couple of her clients with their launches and they didn’t convert. She didn’t doubt her copy writing skills, but she realised that there was so much more involved in marketing and selling an offer than just copy. 
It drove her to look deeper into offer-creation, pricing sweet-spots, mindset and high-ticket lead-generation. As it turned out, she was great at it, and as she applied her knowledge, her clients were increasingly experiencing success. Today, helping women have this breakthrough and giving them the courage to charge what they are worth has become her speciality. 
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In this episode of the Sigrun Show, Merel talks about what defines a high-end program, what you should consider when putting your offer out there and how you can shift your clients when you start charging more.  
This episode is for you if you want to start attracting high-end clients or if you already have a high-end offer but are not sure how to find your ideal clients.

What you will get out of this episode:

      • Merel’s love story and how it brought her from Europe to Canada (2:44) 
      • The reason why Merel quit her singing career (4:38)
      • How Merel got into copywriting (6:08)
      • The point in which Merel realised she was destined for more (9:55)
      • Merel’s definition of a high-end offer (13:49)
      • Examples of high-end offers (18:03)
      • Merel’s advice on how to create a high-end coaching program (24:11)
      • How to shift your clients when you put out a high-end offer (29:15)

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Are you looking for more information around high-end offers? Find out how to use a challenge to sell you high-end program

Selling Your High-End Program to the Right Client

If you consider running a high-end program, the key is to add a lot of personal attention into it. People won’t pay a high-end price if the entire program is pre-recorded. What attracts high-end clients is an individual, customised experience where they get direct value from your expertise. Introducing hot-seats, discussions and Q&A’s helps provide a unique experience, as well as getting to know the people in your program, check in on them and focus on being there for them.  
But once people have designed their high-end offer, they often get stuck with selling it. Merel has created a checklist, 40+ ways to call in your high ticket clients and make them buy from you, which contains great advice on how you should enter into the selling process. 
The key is: You don’t find your high-end clients, they find you. You don’t make them buy, they want to buy. 

Shifting, Niching and Positioning

It’s about shifting your messaging, niching and positioning. These are the three core things you should be thinking about before you create the content with which you want to attract high-end clients. 
“A mistake many people make is that they want to serve too many different people. You can’t do that when you’re offering a high-end program,” Merel points out. People paying a high price want a very specific expertise. That’s why you have to do research on what the profitable niches are. Then be very specific about your offer and niche it down. 
High-end clients won’t be attracted with the same message that speaks to low-end people. It’s important you know exactly who your ideal clients are in order to provide an intimate connection and a customised experience. Specific target groups have specific traits. In order to personalise your offer, you need to go the extra mile to figure out what the things are that your ideal client really wants and needs. If your messaging is off, it will attract the wrong people to your offer. 
For more great tips on attracting high-end clients, check out Merel’s checklist.
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