#222: [On Air Coaching] Why a Membership Site is Sometimes the Best Business Model with Claudia Rehder

August 13, 2018

#222: [On Air Coaching] Why a Membership Site is Sometimes the Best Business Model with Claudia Rehder

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Claudia Rehder is a high school German Literature and Biology teacher as well as a coach for teachers. She is on a mission to help teachers improve their mindset and self-confidence while authentically and confidently teaching students in the classroom. Since 2017, she has helped dozens of teachers feel safe and comfortable on the stage of the classroom and equipped them with the tools they need to improve their mindset and attitude to succeed in this important profession.
Claudia joins me on this On Air Coaching episode to learn why a membership site is sometimes the best business model for certain types of online businesses. I explain how your ideal client’s mindset and attitude can help you determine the right business model and ideas on how to create content for your members without making them feel overloaded with information. I also discuss pricing strategies you can use to build a profitable membership subscription and share various services and programs to help simplify the administrative side of running an online membership site.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why 1-on-1 coaching packages may not be suitable for every online business
  • Being patient when developing your membership site
  • How your ideal client’s attitude and buying preferences can help you identify the perfect business model for your business
  • Strategies for pricing your online membership site
  • The advantages of offering a lower-cost membership site vs. a higher-price online course
  • Strategies for creating content and bonus content for your membership site
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs about using technology while building your membership site
  • Finding a balance between consistently engaging with your members vs creating new content
  • The importance of hosting your content on your own platform
  • Services and programs that have payment automation for your membership site

Resources Mentioned:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your ideal client’s attitude and buying preferences can be a leading indicator of the right business model for you.
  2. Remember: It’s as much effort to sell something for 25 Euro as it is 2,500 Euro.
  3. Don’t think of a membership site as too complicated or as a technology problem. Think of it first as a business model.
  4. Do not overwhelm your membership site members with too much new content.

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