#197: [On Air Coaching] Using Video Stories to Attract Your Ideal Client with Kiki van der Harst

June 15, 2018

#197: [On Air Coaching] Using Video Stories to Attract Your Ideal Client with Kiki van der Harst

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Kiki van der Harst is a resilience expert who wants to help people who are suffering from a loss or devastating circumstances in their lives. After significant research as well as personal experience, she created her own framework to help people reframe their thought processes to bounce back more quickly. A former management consultant, she is currently based in the Netherlands with her 3-year-old son and is on a mission to make the world more resilient.
Kiki joins me for this On Air Coaching episode to learn how to attract the right people in her program through video stories. I discuss how to find clients as well as how to determine the platform to use when sharing your story, the significance of telling your story and the steps on how to record your video as you share on social media.
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“How do you find your ideal client? Especially if you are the ideal client yourself, the best way is to tell your story again and again.” – Sigrun” username=”sigruncom”]

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why resilience is a positive word
  • The importance of sharing your story
  • How to choose the words and content to capture your audience
  • How often you should share your story
  • The best platforms to use to share your story
  • The importance of staying grounded with your story as you build your online business
  • How your story helps you attract your ideal client
  • How to identify keywords to use in your content
  • How to use video to share your story
  • The significance of collecting quotes
  • What are “light at the end of the tunnel” video stories and how to create them

Key Takeaways:

  1. From miles away, people smell those who are not authentic.
  2. Put captions on the video when you share your story on Facebook.
  3. Stay grounded with your story.
  4. Use plain language when doing your marketing.

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