#273: Planning Your Best Year Ever as a CEO with Racheal Baxter Cook

December 10, 2018

Planning Your Best Year Ever as a CEO with Racheal Baxter Cook

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Racheal Cook is an award-winning business strategist who helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, and executives redesign their business so that it works for them. She is an in-demand speaker on entrepreneurship, productivity, and marketing who helps others live the life they’ve been dreaming of while running a business they’re proud of through her signature online mastermind Sweet Spot Strategy. She has written two Amazon bestselling books: Fired Up & Focused and Your Business Sweet Spot. She has been featured in multiple publications and podcasts including the US Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, and the Smart Passive Income podcast, to name a few.
Racheal joins me to share how to plan your best year ever as the CEO of your online business. She shares how corporate burnout led her to becoming a successful online entrepreneur and explains what an Entrepreneur Score Card is and how it helps you assess and prioritize your tasks. She discusses the common hurdles that go with planning for the year ahead and how to overcome them. She also explains the drastic mindset shift you need to make as you transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur or the CEO of your company.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The predictable road Racheal took in the corporate world as she got her MBA
  • Where she learned about leadership, teams, and how to scale things
  • The birth of Yogipreneur
  • The lightbulb moment that allowed her to continue the work she loves while staying home with her kids
  • Why the corporate world is not designed for women
  • What it means to belong in the Sandwich Generation
  • How she rebranded from Yogipreneur to her current branding
  • What happens when you step into the CEO role
  • Delegating tasks to pursue CEO duties and responsibilities
  • Why strategic planning is valuable to your business
  • Using a particular metric to help re-prioritizes things in your business
  • How to see if you’re showing up as a CEO or if you’re just an employee in your business
  • The biggest thing that’s keeping women entrepreneurs from going where they want to go
  • The hardest part of planning the year ahead
  • How to divide the year as you break down and plan your activities
  • The different types of upgrades to focus on

Resources Mentioned:

  • Entrepreneur Scorecard

Connect with Racheal Baxter Cook:

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