#108: How Resilience and Coping Skills Help Us to Overcome Unexpected Stress with Sarah Boyd

November 17, 2017

How Resilience and Coping Skills Help Us to Overcome Unexpected Stress with Sarah Boyd

Sarah Boyd has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, as well as a diploma in Neuroscience of Leadership. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer, effectively turning her whole world upside down. Today, she considers her cancer diagnosis a gift that has allowed her to be free of her fears and live a fuller, more purposeful life. She currently plays a vital international role as an authority on Leadership & Emotional Resilience and is the creator of E-School, a 6-week online transformational course for leaders and influencers and based on neuroscience research.
Sarah talks about how she coped with life-changing circumstances and how she faced these challenges head-on. She shares what she did to make her big dreams a reality despite the physical, emotional, and psychological pain she was experiencing. Sarah also explains how you, as an entrepreneur, can cope with unexpected stress using practical skills you can learn and apply during trying times.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Sarah’s battle with cancer and realizing her life’s purpose
  • How she made the shift as she coped with her health challenges
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis
  • How she overcame life hurdles
  • How entrepreneurs can deal with business-related stress
  • The significance of being part of a community
  • Sources of stress for businesspeople and how to release it
  • Understanding the stress system in your body

Key Takeaways:

  1. Being an entrepreneur is not a typical job – it’s a calling.
  2. Create a plan to help you switch off and calm the stress.

Connect with Sarah Boyd:

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