#90: Revenue Streams for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

October 21, 2017

Revenue Streams for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

If you have a membership site or you’re offering multiple online courses, you may think that you already have a good revenue stream for your business. No matter how great your signature courses are or how extensive your email list is, there are still numerous ways for you to grow your business by adding extra avenues to increase your revenue stream.
In this episode, I share the different revenue models to consider adding to your business. As I discuss each one in detail, I also share which models are considered main revenue streams over those that are add-ons to your already existing strategy. I also give real examples of lifestyle entrepreneurs who have tried and tested these approaches so you can learn from their experiences and make wise choices on how to move forward with your business.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Affiliate revenue
  • Cost of commission in affiliate marketing
  • Sponsors for your podcast
  • Advertising for your blog or website
  • Profiting from eBooks and checklists
  • Topics to consider for eBook writing
  • The freemium strategy for apps
  • Apps and magazine affiliations
  • Paid speaking engagements
  • Business partnership and software development
  • Using physical products to build a community
  • The most scalable and consistent revenue system you may have
  • Building client relations through offline workshops and retreats
  • Membership sites as a primary revenue stream
  • The progress from one-on-one coaching to group coaching to online course creation

Key Takeaways:

  1. If you have many followers and clients, advertising, eBooks, and checklists can work for you.
    Workshops, eBooks, checklists, and one-on-one coaching are great offers at the beginning of the customer’s journey with you.
  2. Main revenue streams include online courses and membership sites.

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