#18: [On-Air Coaching] How Do I Scale Engagement in My Launch to Make More Sales?

August 10, 2017

Lisa Peek is a Money and Impact coach and the owner of The Impact Ripple. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs overcome their mindset limitations around money, allowing them to play a bigger game, grow their businesses, and create a massive impact on the world through one-on-one coaching and her Abundance Bootcamp programs. Her goal is to grow her Abundance Bootcamp group coaching program to over 50 participants and increase her engagement during her upcoming launch.
Lisa joins me to learn engagement strategies that will help her get more members into her program. We also discuss how messenger bots can be used to impact her engagement and help increase sales.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Ideas to motivate people to join pop-up Facebook groups before a launch
  • The benefits of using pop-up Facebook groups to launch a program
  • Using messenger bots to increase engagement
  • Rules and best practices for messenger bots
  • Ways to prompt interaction in your pop-up group
  • Integrating sliders and messenger bots on your sales page
  • Creating action and response triggers with messenger bots

Resources Mentioned:

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