#98: Secrets of Successful Masterminds

October 29, 2017

Secrets of Successful Masterminds

What is a successful mastermind? Many people believe that a successful mastermind is one where the participants are achieving their goals, but it is so much more than that. Most of the time when you join a mastermind program, you already have an idea of what you want to accomplish. Usually it’s a financial goal, but many times after joining a mastermind program, you begin to realize more about your vision, your strategy, and your execution. It’s about how you measure your success, but ultimately, it’s about upgrading your mindset and changing your life.
In this episode, I discuss what makes a mastermind successful, why not all masterminds are created equal, and the characteristics of a successful mastermind. I also explain why mastermind coaches should carefully vet their participants and how participants can get the most value out of the masterminds they join.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Vetting participants applying to your mastermind program
  • Why member participation is critical to the success of each member – and the success of the mastermind program
  • How to actively participate in a mastermind program
  • How a mastermind group can help you review what works and what doesn’t work in your business
  • Keeping most communication and interaction within the group
  • Treating everyone in a mastermind group equally
  • The effective size for a successful mastermind program
  • The importance of extending your mastermind membership

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mastermind coaches need to know their participants well.
  2. You get out of a mastermind what you put into it.
  3. Success attracts success.

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