Suck It Up, Princess with Natalie Sisson

April 21, 2021

Suck It Up, Princess with Natalie Sisson
One day, my friend Natalie Sisson stood in a park, rain pouring down on her, and cried. She had been feeling down for weeks. What was the matter with her? While she was feeling sorry for herself, a loud, internal voice suddenly told her: Suck it up, princess. She laughed at her own rudeness. Had she really just said that to herself? Then she realised it had been exactly what she needed. Later that day, she decided to make it the title of her new book. 
Like Natalie, we all have moments when we feel down, pity ourselves, or are negative about pretty much everything that surrounds us. The key to overcoming such a state is to know how to get out of it.  
In this episode, Natalie speaks about her book Suck It Up, Princess – and how you can get over yourself so you’re ready to achieve your goals.  
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If you’re more of a reader, scroll down to read about what you can do to suck it up and get over what’s keeping you from achieving your goals. 

What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Suck It Up, Princess is different from Natalie’s first books and how she developed as an author (2:51)
  • Why Natalie’s new book is more personal (4:47)
  • How Natalie went from being the suitcase entrepreneur to settling down (6:52) 
  • What the title of Natalie’s book is all about (11:03) 
  • Natalie’s tips on what to do when you need to suck it up and get over yourself (14:29)
  • How Natalie’s passion for sports has shaped her (19:33)

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How to Get Over Yourself and Achieve Your Goals

We all have moments of anxiety and frustration, but did you ever notice that the dominant element in these situations is you and your thoughts? 
While there are definitely times for self-compassion and going easy on yourself, Natalie says there’s also something empowering about being direct with yourself and taking control and responsibility for how you are feeling. Here’s how: 

Take one actionable step

Interrupting your pattern and taking one simple step towards what you want can work wonders. Taking action and getting out of your head gives you a moment to disengage from negative thoughts. 
Maybe it only needs writing one email, doing one call, or spending five minutes in a yoga class. Being in a state of taking action and making a positive step is something that gets you out of almost anything. 

Put your situation into perspective

Can it be that we have become a bit soft, entitled even? Natalie believes so, that’s why she included Princess in the title of her book. No matter what’s going on with you – it’s very possible that it pales in comparison to someone else’s problems. Put your situation into perspective and at the same time, be your own motivator. Developing resilience and inner strength, as well as an understanding that your situation might not be as bad as you believe can help get you out of your frustration and closer to your goals. 
What do you do to get over yourself and navigate out of a low? I’d love to hear from you! You can follow, connect and share with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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